The 9 best pink lipsticks of all time, from soft rose to electrifying fuchsia

Our beauty team's tried and tested list of the best pink lipsticks to suit every skin tone, budget and age

6 of the best pink lipstick including Gucci, NYX, Anastasia Beverly Hills and Ciate
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Like a shot of caffeine to the face, the best pink lipstick will instantly pep up a drab and dreary complexion. Psychologically too, lipstick has the unique ability to lift your mood, and there’s no shade more capable of sparking joy than pink. 

Because, here’s the thing – everyone can pull off pink, whether that’s a burnished rosewood or electrifying fuchsia. With all the complexion-brightening mastery of the best red lipstick and the easy elegance of a nude lipstick, pink has a few extra tricks up its twist-up sleeve. “There are so many tones that will enhance your lips and draw out your natural lip color,” explains make-up artist, Lan Nguyen-Grealis. "The right pink, particularly those lighter nude shades, can make lips look fuller, plumper and more youthful."

Her pout pick of the season? “There’s definitely a trend for a more vibrant natural pink lip. Imagine a deeper tone of your natural lips, with a hydrated, glossy texture.” Finish is down to personal preference but as Nguyen-Grealis advises, satin looks more natural. “Plus, if your lips are dry and prone to cracking, a satin finish will keep lips hydrated, plump, and healthy.” Are you ready to think pink? Supercharge your makeup and swipe right on our beauty team's best pink lipstick shades of all time. 

How we tested the best pink lipstick for this feature

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Beauty Editor Stephanie testing a selection of the best pink lipsticks

Beauty Editor Stephanie testing a selection of the best pink lipsticks

(Image credit: Stephanie Maylor)

To compile this list of the best pink lipsticks, I nominated the forever favorites that always have a place in my makeup bag, as well as tested a host of new pink picks. Every lipstick on this list has been worn by me to test the feel of the formula, the staying power, and of course, how it looks on. I then used this research to whittle them down to the nine very best pink lipsticks - all of them, universally flattering. 

The best pink lipsticks, as chosen by our Beauty Editor

How do I find the right shade of pink lipstick?

Finding a lipstick to suit your complexion is no easy feat. It’s about more than just the color of your skin, but identifying your unique undertone, too. People generally fall into one of two categories - warm or cool. A simple test is to observe the veins on your wrist - blue veins tend to denote a cool complexion, while green veins typify warmer skin tones. Just to complicate matters, some people fall between the two with a neutral undertone, but this means you can pull off pretty much anything. 

According to Nguyen-Grealis, there are some general pink lip laws you can follow to find a lipstick that is guaranteed to flatter. “Cooler, blue-toned pinks are best for pale and light skin tones and will stop the lipstick from looking too harsh. Warmer skin tones with an orange, yellow, or peach undertone suit deeper pinks. If you have dark skin, choose bright, purple-toned pinks, and avoid anything too light as it may be too ashy.” 

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