M&s cream

It seems like every day, another beauty brand is claiming to have created the ultimate skincare product, that can give you a glowing, radiant look, whilst also providing your skin with all the vital ingredients it needs.

But on occasion, these products can fall short, not living up to their promises and being, honestly, pretty average.

But just sometimes, a product finds its way into the hands of customers, and creates a shopper-led buzz all of its own. This time around? Meet Marks & Spencer's Absolute Sleep Cream, which became a sell-out success in 2016, and is back in stores now for you to add to your collection.

Since the miracle cream in a tub first came out over a year ago, 7,500 people have signed up to a waiting list to get their hands on it. And not often does a skincare product invite that kind of an eager, awaiting audience, according to our Beauty Editor.

The ‘Formula Absolute' cream even promises to give you skin that looks like you've slept for eight hours, even when you haven't - we're sold!

And if that's not enough, take a look at the mountain of praise that users are heaping on it. 95% of M&S shoppers would recommend it to a friend, while most gave the miracle cream a 5/5. And at just £22, we can see why.

One lady said, "It is the best night cream I have ever come across. I have used all the top brands, and this is the best."

BUY NOW from Marks & Spencer, for £22

Another user declared a struggle we can all relate to, saying, "I have previously spent a fortune on face creams, and have a bathroom cabinet full of half-used creams that promised the earth but under-delivered! I had to wait for a while before the cream was back in stock. All I can say is that it was worth the wait! This cream is fantastic - results are seen in less than a week. Skin feels much smoother, moisturised and fresh - hard to explain but I have really noticed a difference."

Most shoppers however, were lamenting the fact that the wonder cream was consistently sold out, in shops and online. But fear not - because the cream is back online today (26th April)!

But you better be quick, because we're predicting that this one won't be around for long...