Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

Freelance Beauty Director

Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith has worked in the beauty industry for more than 15 years and, along with woman&home, has contributed to titles such as Stylist, The Daily Mail and The Times. 

As a child, Sarah was desperate to be a hairdresser just like her Grandad, tackled hormonal acne in her teens, and is an expert in hair and skin hydration after a previous life as a swimming teacher and lifeguard. Sarah has also trained as a makeup artist, and after experiencing post-partum hair loss, is clued up on which supplements and products are best to counterbalance it.

As a mum of two little girls she has limited time to spend on herself, so if you’re looking for hard-working multi-tasking products, she’s the one in the know. As a self-confessed 'queen of the glowy base', Sarah is on the constant hunt for products that add luminosity to her complexion without making her skin look greasy. No mean feat when you have naturally oily skin. Her top three products are a glow-giving tinted moisturizer, brow pencil, and a tinted lip balm. Oh, and she’s never far away from a hydrating face mist.

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