The gifts from partners that cause the most excitement are finally revealed

These heartfelt presents often bring the most joy

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Gift giving is often a good indication of how well you really know your significant other. And with Christmas only a week away, the pressure to find the perfect present for partners is definitely building. For some the idea of present-buying may fill them with dread. Whilst for others the difficulty lies not in coming up with gift ideas, but deciding which gift would put the biggest smile on the face of the person receiving it.

Now online marketplace might just have solved the mystery for us. Looking into what gifts excite people in relationships the most, they’ve uncovered exactly which kind of presents should be making their way on to Christmas lists this year.  

Surveying men and women in relationships, people in the study were asked to use a device to monitor their partner’s heart rates before and after receiving the gifts. 

Some of the results might just surprise you...

What are the top 5 gifts that get women the most excited? 

  • Jewellery
  • Tech
  • Perfume
  • Bags/Purses
  • Books

The study revealed that the gift that got women the most excited was jewellery, which raised their Beats Per Minute by a staggering 65% from the overall average of 83 BPM when they received it. Coming in in second place, albeit only narrowly, was tech with an increase of 63% from the average. 

We all love a good signature scent and it seems women are almost as excited by the gift of a lovely perfume as this came in at third, followed by bags/purses in fourth place. 

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But it’s the fifth gift that excites women the most which could be seen as standing out from the crowd of largely beauty and fashion-focused items in the top 5.

It seems it might also be worth checking out your partner’s reading list if you find yourself stuck for present ideas as receiving a book raised the female respondents' heart rates to an impressive 124 BPM.

What are the top 5 gifts that get men the most excited?

  • Tech
  • Computer Games
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Shoes 
  • Books

The results show that men get most excited when receiving tech-related gifts, raising male respondent’s heart rates to 135 BPM, which is a 63% increase from the average heart rate. 

In second place for men are computer games and in joint third place are shoes and sports equipment, with an average heart rate of 126 BPM when receiving the gifts. 

There is also one particular item that features in the top 5 gifts for men and women that both genders find equally enthralling, raising their heart rates to 124BPM.

It seems that receiving a good book is enough to get everyone’s hearts leaping with excitement.

But will you be looking to buy any of these gifts for your partner this year?

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