Don't sleep on the best Black Friday mattress deals—here's where to shop

Discover the best cheap mattress deals ahead of Black Friday, from brands like Nectar, Simba, and more

Three of the best Black Friday mattress deals of 2021 from Nectar, Emma Sleep, Simba Sleep, and Layla Sleep shown side-by-side
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Cheap mattress deals are a fantastic way to save money on what can be one of the most important home purchases we'll ever make. To help you shop, we've hand-picked the best bargains that are worth pursuing.

When it comes to sleeping well, the best mattress, coupled with the best pillow money can buy, promotes proper spinal alignment, alleviates pressure points, and improves overall health. 

But there's no doubt that mattresses can be pricey. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap bargains to explore in the lead-up to Black Friday—from three-digit price cuts on individual mattresses to impressive value bundles with complimentary gifts. 

Read on for our pick of the best cheap mattress deals, which we regularly update with new discounts as they come.

Where to find the best mattress deals in the U.S.

The best mattress deals in the U.S.

  $724 + $399 of free gifts (save up to $674)

The Nectar Bundle: from $1,148 $724 + $399 of free gifts (save up to $674)| Nectar  

The Nectar Bundle includes the original Memory mattress, a bed frame, and $399 worth of gifts. This impressive discount streamlines all of the sleep essentials in one place (and for less). In the United Kingdom, you can save up to £620.65 on the Nectar Premium Bundle. This set includes the original Memory mattress, platform bed, mattress protector, bedding set, duvet, and cozy pillows.

$499 + $299 of free gifts (save up to $499)

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: from $798 $499 + $299 of free gifts (save up to $499) | Nectar

Nectar's original mattress is like sleeping on a cloud, but with added support. And now, you can score this affordable mattress for under $500 (if you order the twin size!).

$599 + free pillows (save up to $150)

Helix Midnight Mattress: from $699 $599 + free pillows (save up to $150)| Helix Sleep

Ahead of Black Friday, shoppers can score $200 off orders of $1,750+ or up to $150 off orders of $1,250+. Either way, you'll receive two complimentary Dream pillows. This isn't the best deal we've seen from the brand; however, you won't find a better bargain until Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. Plus, the queen-sized Helix Midnight is currently a steal for under $1,000. 

The Helix Midnight mattress primarily caters to side sleepers as a plush bed. It features top layers of memory foam and polyfoam, which give it its soft, sleeping-on-a-cloud feel. This layer also conforms, cradles, and contours to the body, allowing sleepers to sink into the surface (but not too deeply). Regardless, since it is a hybrid, the mattress offers ample support and a firm feel due to integrated coils. 


Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Mattress: from $1,949 $1,749 (save up to $200)| Helix Sleep 

Get $200 off this award-winning, medium-feel mattress. With this purchase, you'll also receive two complimentary Dream pillows, meaning great value-for-money here, too.

$499 +  free pillows and sheets (save up to $540)

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress By Sealy: from $769 $499 +  free pillows and sheets (save up to $540)| Cocoon By Sealy 

The Cocoon Chill Memory Foam is ideal for sweaty-night sleepers as it absorbs, releases, and draws heat away from the body. But it doesn't just keep sleepers cool: It also reduces motion transfer and adapts to the body's natural contours, promoting spinal alignment. This mattress currently boasts a high 35% discount. While the twin-sized is now $500 (aka less than an iPhone 12), the queen-sized mattress is $799—a $440 reduction from its original price of $1,239.

  $699 + free accessories (save up to $599)

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: from $1,198 $699 + free accessories (save up to $599) | Dreamcloud 

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress is bolstered by five unique layers of support. The top is a thin layer made of cashmere and quilted foam, which keeps sleepers cool during slumber. The subsequent layers soothe muscle tension, adapt to your body, and reduce the discomfort of "sinking" into your mattress. Compared to single-product mattress deals, the bundle provides fantastic value and eliminates the need for separate, more expensive purchases. You'll get a free mattress protector, sheet set, and pillows. Plus, the brand offers free shipping, free returns, and a 365-night home trial. 

  $1,499 + two free pillows (save up to $200)

Layla Hybrid Mattress: from $1,699 $1,499 + two free pillows (save up to $200) | Layla Sleep

Shoppers can score up to $200 off this mattress and earn two free pillows with purchase. This is a great bargain, as the Hybrid Queen is just under $1,500 compared to its regular $1,699 price tag. The Layla Hybrid mattress features soft layers, a supportive core, and copper-infused foam, which absorbs and releases moisture. Beyond its cozy reputation, copper has antimicrobial properties, creating a more hygienic sleep experience. This material will help your mattress remain clean and void of viruses, bacteria, and lingering stenches.

$672 + free gift set (save up to $497)

Bear Pro Mattress: from $895 $672 + free gift set (save up to $497) | Bear Sleep 

Now's the perfect time to scoop up the Bear Pro in Cal-King, which is $1,145 as opposed to its $1,495 price tag. The queen-sized mattress is just under $1,000, and prices decrease as you size down. You'll also receive two pillows and other sleep accessories with your purchase. The Bear Pro mattress offers four layers of balance and support, all while releasing excess heat.

$633.25 (save up to (209.25)

Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress: from $745 $633.25 (save up to (209.25)| Tuft & Needle

The Tuft & Needle Mint is a three-layered foam mattress that supports two sleepers. While most memory foam iterations retain heat, the Mint does the opposite, leveraging the brand's Adaptive Foam. This technology features cooling gel beads and graphite, which draw heat away from the body.

$1,349 (save up to $300)

Amerisleep AS3 Hybrid Mattress: from $1,649 $1,349 (save up to $300)| Amerisleep 

The AS3 Hybrid is now a whopping $300 off, with a complimentary pillow included. This bestseller combines responsive foam layers with bouncy pocketed coils to bring a great night's sleep, whatever your sleeping position. This bed cradles the body, aligns the spine, and prevents heat build-up due to its open-cell design. Fantastic value aside, every Amerisleep mattress comes with a generous 20-year warranty and a 100-night, risk-free sleep trial.

  $1,049 (save up to $300)

Leesa Hybrid Mattress: from $1,199 $1,049 (save up to $300)| Leesa 

Leesa is taking up to $300 off all sizes of its Hybrid mattress, which combines perforated foam and pocket springs for optimal comfort and support. The queen-sized Hybrid bed now costs $1,699 (originally $1,899), while the king-sized bed is $1,799 (originally $2,099). It comes with a 10–year warranty and 100–night mattress trial.

  $849 + free gifts (save up to $400)

Birch Natural Mattress: from $1,249 $849 + free gifts (save up to $400)| Birch Living 

Birch Living is currently slashing $400 off all sizes of its Natural Mattress, and you'll receive two cooling pillows with your purchase. After discount, the queen-sized mattress is now $1,299 (originally $1,699), while the King is $1,599 instead of $1,999. This offer has a $550 total value, which is a sizable bargain compared to what other leading brands are offering. Still, the flagship model is a great investment without the price cut. It features premium hypoallergenic and organic materials that relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment.

  $1,349 + free sheet set (save up to $1,250)

Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress: from $2,599 $1,349 + free sheet set (save up to $1,250)| Plush Beds 

Plush Beds skews on the expensive end of the mattress market. So when the brand offers massive discounts, it's important to act fast. The twin-sized Botanical Organic Latex bed is now under $1,400 (originally $2,599). Conversely, the queen-sized model is $1,649 (originally $2,899). The Botanical Organic Latex mattress is handcrafted with premium organic latex, wool, and cotton, and you can choose the level of firmness and height you'd like from 9-, 10-, and 12-inch options. 

$1,099 + free gifts (save up to $300)

Winkbeds EcoCloud Hybrid: from $1,399 $1,099 + free gifts (save up to $300)| Winkbeds

With this discount, the EcoCloud Hybrid twin-sized mattress is just over $1,000 (originally 1,399) while the queen-sized iteration costs $1,699 (originally $1,999). Goodies include two adjustable pillows, a cotton sheet set, and a mattress protector; but hurry—stock is limited. Not to mention, we haven't seen this huge price cut from the brand since April 2021. The EcoCloud Hybrid uses coils and latex to relieve pressure and align with your position. Plus, it's made of organic and hypoallergenic cotton and wool.

Where to find the best mattress deals in the UK

The best mattress deals in the UK

  £274.45 (save up to £404.55)

Emma Original Mattress: from £449 £274.45 (save up to £404.55) | Emma Sleep 

You can now score 45% off the Emma Original mattress of all sizes. The UK Super King-sized mattress is now £494.45 compared to its usual £899 price tag, and smaller mattresses are even cheaper. The Emma Original has cemented its cult status in the U.K. with 500K models sold. Powered by elastic memory foam, it relieves pressure and draws heat away from the body. Be sure to check out our hub of the best Emma mattress sales.


Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress: from £999 £549.95 (Save £683.55) | Simba Sleep  Shoppers can now snap up the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress for under £900. Discounts are even steeper depending on the mattress you'd like. For example, The double-sized Hybrid Pro mattress is now £681.45 instead of £1,239—that's an extra £557.55 in your bank account. The Hybrid Pro is a seven-layer bed made of memory foam and titanium Aerocoil®, the brand's patented layer designed to allow air to flow through the mattress. The tech also adapts to the sleeper's body shape. Check out our Simba mattress sales piece to see the best deals around at the moment.


Sealy Posturepedic Mulberry Mattress: from £420.67 £172.75 (save up to £482.81) | Mattress Online 

Backed by a quilted top, the Sealy Posturepedic Mulberry Mattress comforts and supports sleepers in any position. By design, this medium-feel mattress resolves the challenge of how to sleep better, and now you can bag it at a fantastic price.

£716.53 + free gifts (save up to

The Nectar Essential Bundle: from £803.50 £716.53 + free gifts (save up to £444.03) | Nectar UK

This set includes Nectar's classic memory foam mattress, along with the brand's best-selling bedding products for a better night's rest.

£716.53 + free gifts (save up to

The Nectar Premium Bundle: from £1,137.50 £716.53 + free gifts (save up to £644.54) | Nectar UK

Enjoy an ultra-plush mattress made of memory foam, platform bed, mattress protector, bedding set, duvet, and one of the best pillows for back pain.

The Nectar Luxury Bundle: from  £

The Nectar Luxury Bundle: from £1,542 £925.50 + free gifts (save up to £682.80) | Nectar UK

The luxury bundle spotlights a bed made of fabric and natural wood for rustic charm, plus the mattress and bedding accessories.

£1,149.72 + free gifts (save up to

The Nectar Storage Bundle: from £1,742 £1,149.72 + free gifts (save up to £665.38) | Nectar UK

This Nectar set includes the Ottoman Storage Bed, made with a durable, easy-to-open base. It's seamless to assemble, even simpler to access, and chic in design.

£299.99 (save up to

Ravello Ortho Comfort Mattress: from £599.98 £299.99 (save up to £520) | Bensons for Beds

The Ravello Ortho Mattress is crafted with 1,000 pocket springs for premium comfort and support. And now, you can bag it for half-off the original price. A better night's rest and more money in the bank, what's not to love?


Jacobs Pocket Sprung Mattress: from £1,059 £419 (save up to £1,000) | Dreams

The fan-favorite Jacobs Mattress is 60% off its original price, the steepest reduction we've seen (percentage-wise). Ideal for firm sleepers, this find supports the body, absorbs movement, and evenly distributes weight with 1,961 individually wrapped pocket springs. Even so, it's plush and cozy.

Our pick of the best cheap mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

(Image credit: Nectar)


The best value mattress

Mattress type: Memory foam
Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King; (UK) Single to Super King
Depth: 12 inches
Firmness: Medium-firm
RRP: $798 - $1,398 / £804 - £1,284
Reasons to buy
Marries comfort and support
34K+ positive reviews on just
Top value
Reasons to avoid
May be too soft for stomach sleepers

About the mattress: Topped with a quilted mattress cover, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress features five dense layers that soothe and support the body in any position. The upper gel memory foam layer evenly distributes weight and helps you stay cool. Underneath sits an intuitive hi-core memory foam, which prevents you from "sinking" into the mattress. The base layer balances these layers, while the bottom mattress cover prevents slippage on the bed frame. The best part: It won't degrade in quality over time. Compared to similar beds, the Nectar Memory Foam mattress is on the affordable end, ranging from $798 - $1,398 /  £804 - £1,284.

Current deal: While Nectar mattresses aren't the cheapest, the best Nectar mattress deals offer the greatest bang for your buck. Nonetheless, shoppers can save up to $499 on all three Nectar mattresses and accessories. Across the pond, U.K. the brand is promoting a 45%-off sitewide sale. 

Allswell Mattress

(Image credit: Allswell)


The best cheap hybrid mattress

Mattress type: Hybrid
Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King
Depth: 10 inches
Firmness: Medium-firm
RRP: $445 - $845
Reasons to buy
10-year warranty
Minimizes motion transfer
Reasons to avoid
Sells out quickly

About the mattress: The Brick hybrid mattress marries plush appeal with added support, featuring high-density foam, copper gel-infused memory foam, and a sturdy top layer. Whereas the copper layer keeps the body cool, the top layers cushion the body as you move and change positions. This bed also integrates wrapped coils, which help minimize motion transfer, promote airflow, and provide edge support on all four sides. Ultimately, these features make the bed responsive and comfortable for those who suffer from back pain. 

In the boxed-mattress market, Allswell is more affordable than Tuft & Needle, Casper, and Nectar. The original flagship model is priced between $265 - $465, and the site's most expensive model, The Allswell Supreme, is only $1,245.

Current deal: The brand is taking 25% off all mattresses with the code BLACKFRIDAY applied at checkout. 

Eve The Lighter Foam Mattress

(Image credit: Eve)


The best cheap memory foam mattress

Mattress type: Memory foam
Sizes: (UK) Single to Super King
Depth: 7.8 inches
Firmness: Medium-firm
RRP: £299 - £649
Reasons to buy
10-year warranty
Simple, yet effective design
Relieves pressure and muscle tension
Reasons to avoid
No anti-slip base

About the mattress: The Eve Lighter Mattress is an entry-level memory foam bed with just two layers. The breathable top layer is called Evecomfort, which draws heat away from the body and responds to movement. As a supportive pillow, the base layer features contour zones that ease pressure points for back, side, and front snoozers. This mattress is considerably cheaper than its memory foam counterparts, the Eve Original (from £429 - £800) and the Premium Mattress (from £948 - £1,004).

Current deal: The brand is currently taking 35% off mattresses and 25% off bed frames. 

Zinus Mattress

(Image credit: Zinus)


The best natural cheap mattress

Mattress type: Memory foam
Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King
Depth: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches
Firmness: Medium-soft
RRP: $169 - $613
Reasons to buy
5-year warranty
Relieves pressure
Absorbs motion
Free delivery and returns
Reasons to avoid
Edge support could be better

About the mattress: The Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is a medium-firm, budget-friendly option with refreshing green tea extract and ActivCharcoal to neutralize odors. With three layers of memory foam, this bed conforms to your body and relieves pent-up joint and muscle tension. The middle layer includes open-air pockets, which promote airflow and keep the body cool. You can also choose the thickness of your mattress: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches.

Current deal: Shoppers can score 50% off the brand's Pressure Relief Olive Oil Memory Foam iCoil® Hybrid Mattress, now priced from $293.50 - $407 (originally $587 - $814). You don't want to miss this deal as we don't expect to see such a dramatic price cut until Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Is Black Friday the best time to get a cheap mattress deal?

Black Friday isn't the only prime time to find and purchase a cheap mattress. In fact, we've seen steep discounts during other major shopping holidays, like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, President's Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day. Mattress industry experts also concede that the best deals pop up from March to June, as retailers are seeking to swap out outdated inventory. Not to mention, many leading brands unveil bargains daily—from bundles, complimentary gifts, and sitewide sales with three-digit price drops. 

Mattress deals: Practical shopping tips

As you explore the discounts, keep these practical shopping tips in mind:

  • Look for a guarantee: Shop at a retailer that'll guarantee the price of your mattress. Many sellers may refund you the difference if the mattress you purchase goes on sale within a certain amount of time after your purchase.
  • Understand the return policy: Many companies offer trial periods with free return shipping, sans penalty fees. Common trial periods span from 60 nights to 18 months or some time in between. Regardless, it's important to review this information carefully because beyond preliminary research, finding the perfect mattress requires testing and evaluation.

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