If you've not been wearing a bra much lately, you need to read this

It could be having a detrimental effect...

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With most of us opting for comfort over anything else these days, people have begun to ditch bras. After all, even the best bra isn't as comfortable as ditching the confines of lingerie altogether. 

However, experts have now warned that shunning underwear could be having a negative effect on one certain aspect of our health.

Why is not wearing a bra bad for our health?

Not wearing a bra could be having a detrimental effect on our health - and it's all to do with our posture.

Professional bra fitter Sandra Dyke, who has been fitting women with some of the best bras on the market at Chantelle Lingerie for over 20 years, revealed that ditching your bra for days on end at home could have an effect on both your breasts and your posture.

Sandra explained that not wearing a bra can cause aches and pains in your back and neck, and may lead to bad circulation.

"Not wearing a bra will over time have an effect on your posture too," she said. "A supportive bra helps your core and posture."

Can not wearing a bra cause boobs to sag?

And it's not just our postures that are feeling the negative impact of avoiding the support of a bra on a daily basis. That's not to say that going braless shouldn't be celebrated, but it's important to be aware of how this might affect your breasts.

Even worse, Sandra revealed that if your breasts are not supported, they are more prone to sagging, and no bra can even cause strain on your throat and facial tissue.

"Don’t wear a bra and not only you will see your boobs droop but may also gain round shoulders," she told woman&home.

"Support from a bra will assist the surrounding muscles in your body to create good posture and better blood circulation."

It's also about feeling your best too

And it's not just the physical effect of not wearing a bra we could be feeling.

Avoiding the clothing essential could have a detrimental impact on our wellbeing, motivation and mental state.

"Wearing a good fitting bra is essential not only to support your breasts but also to maintain your well being. And that’s essential whether you are at home or outside," said Sandra. 

"Get up in the mornings at the same time as you would normally, and get ready as if you were going to work."

“Your bra has a very important role, and that is to protect and bear the weight of your bust," added Alexandra Thrower, Brand Manager at Chantelle.

"Don’t wear one and you will get saggy boobs. It’s as simple as that. It’s gravity after all. And the heavier the bust, the worst it gets.

"Most women don’t realise how heavy their bust is (anything between about 500g for B/C cups, to 2+ kg for G+ cup). They need to be supported. You may also find that not wearing a bra will worsen back, shoulders or neck pains and give you headaches…these are all things we could do without right now!"

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