12 of the best bralettes, the comfortable bra alternative

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  • Say goodbye to harsh under-wiring and molded cups. There's a new bra style in town that's all about comfort.

    Are you sick of harsh under-wiring digging into your skin? Or thick molded cups? Us too! Well thankfully there has been a major shift when it comes to bra’s and what women want to wear. The tides are turning and no longer are women just sticking to the classic full cup or padded with under-wire. The growing demand for comfort has taken over the bra scene meaning that bralette’s have now become the nations day to day go to.

    According to research obtained by Figleaves.com, it shows that bralettes have overtaken bras in Google searches. Bralettes receive on average 60,500 searches whereas bra only receives on average 49.500 per month, which is 22% more. Women of the UK are certainly searching for them, but why should you wear them?

    Firstly, they do look prettier on the body. As the old saying goes… confidence starts from the inside out, so wearing some underwear that looks good will instantly lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself. Also a lot of bralettes come in pretty lace, meaning it’s more breathable so ideal for the hot summer days ahead. Plus there are far more styles, from razorbacks to a super longer lace bottom, there are tonnes of fashionable variations. But most importantly bralette’s are extremely comfortable. They are lighter and softer to wear, meaning they are less harsh on the skin.

    If the idea of not wearing under-wiring scares you, then don’t worry because there are a lot of bralettes on the high street with it. It’s far subtler than your typical bra but it will still do the job of lifting and securing your bust. Also if girly lace isn’t your thing, we suggest opting for a sportier version in breathable cotton.


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