The NEW £9.99 Maybelline mascara that’s better than a lash lift

Nothing gets the W&H beauty team all aflutter like new mascara.

You can keep your enormous makeup palettes and pricy treatment essence lotions (what are we meant to do with those anyway?) No, its good old black mascara that really gets us going and when a new mascara from Maybelline lands on the beauty desk that's big news. Huge.

Why? Because this is a brand that makes some of the all time greats. There’s my personal favourite Lash Sensational, which also happens to be Britain’s personal favourite selling a tube every 21 seconds. Then there's the iconic Great Lash in its zingy pink and lime tube aka the one that everyone made their friends haul back from US holidays before it was available here. And now as of today there’s a shiny new tube destined for the Maybelline mascara hall of fame, Falsies Lash Lift.

Buy now: Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, £9.99, Superdrug

It's USP is flutter, length and – you guessed it – lift, lots of it. In fact Maybelline was so confident it carried out a study, asking 480 women to rate two photographs of three lash models (yes, that’s a real job). In the first photo the models were wearing Falsies Lash Lift Mascara, in the second they'd had a salon lash lift. The lashes were evaluated on curl, lift, impact, definition, volume and length and guess what came out on top? Yep, good old black mascara. See, worth getting excited about isn’t it?

Lashes after salon lash lift

Lashes after Falsies Lash Lift

On testing Falsies Lash Lift, it’s easy to see why it stormed the lash study. This mascara is made with a mixture of polymers and film-formers that create a mouldable coating on the lashes. This means when you brush on the fibre-infused formula, they pull upwards into a nice curl and stay there. Top marks for passing the smudge test too – I’m blessed with long lashes and cursed with deep set eyes, so when I wear lengthening mascara the tops of my lashes sit against my lids. When I test a new mascara it’s got a very high likelihood of smeared across my lids by the time I reach the office in the morning, but this stayed put nicely without smudging or crumbling.

If that’s not convinced you, it’s not just me who’s in love, W&H Beauty Director Sarah Cooper-White has added it to her make-up bag too, praising it’s lengthening formula and ease of applying on her train commute. All this from someone who's usually utterly devoted to certain luxury brand's £30+ mascara and fellow sufferer of the dreaded smudge - high praise indeed!

Fiona McKim

As woman&home's Senior Beauty Editor, Fiona Mckim has tried more products than she’s had hot dinners and nothing makes her happier than raving about a brilliant beauty find on or her instagram grid (@fionamckim if you like hair dye experiments and cute shih-tzus)

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