How to avoid puffiness after a long-haul flight revealed by cabin crew

avoid puffiness long haul flight
(Image credit: Getty Images/Caiaimage)

Long haul flights can leave us all feeling not our best.

Jet lag gets the best of us, our digestive systems are usually disrupted and we’re left bloated and puffy.

But now a cabin crew member has revealed how to combat puffiness when you’re on a long-haul flight.

A flight attendant has suggested that the best way to leave a long-haul flight without any puffiness is by making sure that you stay hydrated.

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They also advised that keeping active and changing around your position, as well as trying to keep your temperature as cool as possible is a good idea.

‘Alternate your seat position between upright and reclined at different points throughout your flight to avoid fluid pooling under your eyes,’ the attendant explained to Cosmopolitan.

And to emulate a cooling and soothing eye mask, the source also suggested a nifty hack, adding: ‘You can also get rid of under-eye bags and puffiness by holding a wet napkin or ice cube under your eyes to help reduce any swelling.’

avoid puffiness long haul flight

As for how to keep the rest of your body in good shape, the cabin crew member pointed out that movement is key.

‘Walk through the cabin during your flight or do circulatory exercises in your seat to get your blood flowing,’ they added. ‘This will relax your muscles and help you avoid any post-flight swollen ankle.’

The source also explained that what you eat and drink can contribute to your state after the flight, suggesting that the purer the better.

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‘When you’re flying long-haul it’s vital to drink plenty of water, as the air circulation can dry out your skin,’ they said.

‘Fruit juices are better than caffeinated drinks or alcohol, especially as a plane hangover is more merciless than one on land’.