Good Fats: The ‘Healthy’ Foods That Could Be Making You Put On Weight

Your juice probably isn't as virtuous as you think...

For years, we’ve been told that a low fat diet is the key to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. But, now high fat foods are having a moment as nutritionists reveal the virtues of adding avocado to your plate to keep you full, or swapping low fat spread for real butter as it’s additive-free.

There’s a whole host of good fats out there that you should add to your diet. These fats, like monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and omega-3 fats, can help you concentrate, stay energised, manage your weight, feel happier and be healthier. Get rid of the bad and add more of the good fats into your diet and you’ll quickly start looking – and feeling – better.

So it’s no wonder that we’ve been reaching for our juicers and stuffing the jug full of good fats, such as almond milk, avocado and coconut oil. The problem is that good fat doesn’t equal calorie-free, and many of us are now filling up on gallons of so called ‘healthy juices’ that actually boast more than 700 calories in one glass. Our skin might be glowing but buttoning up those jeans is becoming a struggle!

There’s no need to pack away the juicer though and forgo that morning vitamin pick-me-up.
We’ve created a handy calorie comparison guide using well-known snacks, so you can see exactly how many calories those good fat foods contain…

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