Zara's Manolo Blahnik style heels are still in stock, and they look just like Carrie's fave pair in Sex and the City

The kitten slingback heels are only $89.90

Zara's blue shoes with jeweled buckle
(Image credit: Zara)

Zara shoes never disappoint but the high street store has really outdone themselves with their latest designer dupes.

Fans of Sex and the City will have noticed Zara is selling a pair of slingback kitten heels that are almost identical to the Manolo Blahnik pair Carrie Bradshaw wore in the hit show. 

But the satin silk cobalt blue bejeweled Hangisi Manolo Blahnik pumps were worn regularly by Carrie retail at nearly $995 (£795), meaning they're not exactly budget-friendly.

So it's no surprise fashion fans and indeed fans of the show are getting very excited about a similar pair currently selling at Zara for just $89.90 (£59.99).

Mid-heel slingbacks, $89.90 (£59.99) | Zara

Mid-heel slingbacks, $89.90 (£59.99) | Zara

Add some SATC glam to your look with these designer dupe heels from Zara. Available in blue and fuchsia they'll look great styled with jeans or skirts and dresses for a seriously sophisticated outfit.

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Zara's heels come in the same electric blue shade as Manolo Blahnik's version and feature a very similar jeweled brooch on the front. 

While the Manolo brooch features a tighter cluster of jewels, Zara's is not far off. The Zara dupes have also been made into a slingback style rather than the full-back stiletto style Manolo's are known but that also means Zara's version are easier to walk in as the heels are much shorter too.

Zara's more purse-friendly heels are made in Vietnam from polyester and thermoplastic. Whereas the original heels by Manolo Blahnik are crafted from leather and satin with a cream leather lining and are made in Italy.


Hangisi 70 Royal Blue Satin Pumps, $995 (£795) | Manolo Blahnik at Savannahs

The original heels as seen in Sex and the City are available in sizes 34 to 41 and are crafted in Italy.

Hopefully, we'll be able to swoon over more dreamy pairs of shoes in And Just Like That, Sex and the City's reboot that's set to feature 10, half-hour episodes. 

In April we found out that Aidan will be returning to the show with John Corbett, confirming to Page Six, “I’m going to do the show,” but does this mean Carrie and Aiden will be getting back together? 

Only time will tell, especially as Chris Noth who played Big is also rumored to be returning to the show too.

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