What to know before July’s Buck Moon 2021 lights up the sky

Plus, astrologers offer up their insight

Buck Moon 2021, Wild Stag silhouetted with a full moon. English Peak District - stock photo
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A lovely lunation is on its way: the Buck Moon 2021. This July occurrence is highly anticipated in the astronomy world, but astrologers are particularly looking forward to the celestial event for its reflective energy and celebration of all things nature. We'll tell you when to catch the Buck Moon and how you should ring it in accordingly.  

It seems as if there’s a new celestial event every week, and this summer has been jammed packed with numerous lunar sights including the soft pink hue of the strawberry moon, May’s ominous blood moon, and spring’s pink supermoon. Now, we can expect the spectacular sights of the summer Buck moon, so save a spot on your calendar! The full moon will take place on July 23, 2021. Catch it at 10:37pm ET, 2:37am UTC (July 24), according to our sister site, Space.com.  

Where did the full moon get the name Buck Moon?

Full moons typically occur once per month, and each has a special name depending on the time of year. The Buck Moon is named after male deer's antlers, a sign of fertility. This is believed to have stemmed from Native American and Colonial settlers.

Different cultures can have different names for the moon. In the Southern Hemisphere, July's full moon is also known as Wolf Moon, Old Moon, and Ice Moon, to name just a few.

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What can we expect from the full Buck Moon 2021?

Now is the time for a little R&R—the type of full moon ritual we can all fully appreciate. 

"Since it occurs the day after the Sun enters Leo, we should all be engaging with rituals around self care as the Sun finishes up its journey in Cancer," says astrologer Renée Watt (opens in new tab). "Nurturing baths filled with essential oils, bath salts, and crystals are great year round, but will be especially healing in the days leading up to the Buck Moon." 

Esther McCann, spiritual mentor and law of attraction coach, believes the Buck Moon is the perfect opportunity to tune into the natural world. 

 "I would recommend getting outdoors in the summer evening if you can to truly connect with nature in this beautiful season," she said. "Find somewhere quiet and feel free to go barefoot to connect to the earth."

How should we prepare for the Buck Moon?

Is a raise coming? A new relationship? Many wonder how a Buck Moon affects their personal lives, but there's no correct answer. 

"Every sign will be affected differently during the full moon, but collectively we will be hungry for evolution," Renée said. "Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and social change, which means we'll be looking for ways to move forward together."

Esther reiterates that notion and suggests putting your best foot forward, no matter what this phase of the moon means for you. 

"Sometimes it will be there to highlight our wins and manifestations will come to fruition. At other times it is there to shine that spotlight on what needs to be shed in order to make room for the new," she said.

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