The specific type of heels we 'never see' Kate Middleton wear anymore, revealed by royal fashion expert

A royal fashion expert has revealed that Kate Middleton has ditched this specific style of footwear

Kate Middleton has ditched this specific style of footwear
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Kate Middleton has ditched this specific style of footwear in the past few years, reveals a royal fashion expert. 

As Kate Middleton's style has evolved over the years in the spotlight, there have been several changes to her hair, clothing, and overall presentation in public. One major change has also taken place to the Priness's footwear. Kate Middleton's best shoes range from designer heels to sporty trainers, but you won't be seeing the Princess wear one specific type of footwear anymore: peep-toe heels.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton in 2011

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A royal fashion expert has revealed that although the Princess used to wear this style of shoe many years ago when she first became a member of the Royal Family, she has now ditched this footwear look in favour of closed-toe heels.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton in 2021

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The Princess used to wear a range of open-toe heels, whether it was to engagements, formal events, or royal banquets, the Princess could often be seen with a little bit of toe on show.

Now, Kate Middleton's favourite heels are usually the Gianvito Rossi 105s which she owns in multiple different colours and she has worn to several royal engagements and events in recent years. 

Kate Middleton

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In the video, the expert explained, "She hasn't worn open toed sandals lately." The expert then compared images of the Princess at Wimbledon and showed that while she did used to wear peep-toe heels, with similar looks, she now opts for a longer style dress and a pair of closed toe shoes. 

"She's changed her style since becoming the Princess," continued the expert. "Of course it makes sense that she's a little more modest as she gets closer to the crown."


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In the same video, the fashion expert added that there are also dresses Kate Middleton wore 'all the time' that she ditched after becoming Princess of Wales. It seems that in order to become more polished as a future Queen, there were several fashion items that the Princess needed to ditch!

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