The Queen is 'not well enough' to walk her beloved corgis, says source

An inside source has revealed the Queen is 'not well enough' to walk her dogs and has been forced to pass the duty onto her staff

the Queen is 'not well enough'
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The Queen is 'not well enough' to walk her dogs, says a source close to Her Majesty who has revealed the Queen's increasingly frail state over the past year has had a sad effect on her pets.

The Queen has owned more than 30 different corgis in her lifetime and currently owns four dogs that she always walked her dogs at her homes in Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace

Her adoration of corgis is so well established that it has even been reported that the Queen's love of Corgi dogs will be honored with a special event ahead of Platinum Jubilee.

Despite her love of her pets, a source has revealed that after bouts of illness in the past few months, the Queen is now unable to walk her dogs anymore. Instead, members of the royal household have taken over this daily task for Her Majesty.

It was reported that the Queen's beloved dogs were a major support to her following Prince Philip's death. When the Duke of Edinburgh died in April 2021, the Queen would take her pets for long walks across her estate as a way of dealing with the grief of losing her husband of almost 70 years.

A source told The Sun that sadly her health has limited the Queen's enjoyment of this hobby. "She is not well enough. The Queen usually turns to her beloved corgis in time of crisis and stress and took them out almost every day after Philip fell ill and then died last year."

"They are an enormous source of solace, so it is a real shame," added the source.

Another senior source also added that although the Queen may not be walking her dogs herself, "dogs remain very much part of Windsor life."

A young Queen with her corgis

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After a brief hospital stay last year, it was announced that the Her Majesty had a sprained back and later photos of the Queen using a walking stick emerged. Then in February 2022, it was announced that the Queen had COVID-19 but will 'continue light duties at Windsor'

Despite now returning to royal duties, fans continued to be concerned about the Queen's health, particularly as the monarch prepares to celebrate two major milestones, her 96th birthday and her Platinum Jubilee, which will mark Her Majesty's 70-year reign on the throne.

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