Queen's love of Corgi dogs to be honored with special event ahead of Platinum Jubilee

The artistic competition pays tribute to the Her Majesty's lifelong relationship with Corgis

Queen's love of Corgis
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The Queen's passion for Corgis will be honored in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee with an exciting nationwide event. 

  • The Queen's lifelong love of Corgi dogs will be honored with a special event in May, just one month before her Platinum Jubilee 2022 celebrations take place. 
  • The Women's Institute (WI) has launched its 'Where's WInnie' competition, which will involve its members knitting adorable Corgi dogs to be hidden - and hopefully found - across the UK. 
  • In other royal news, Queen's desperation to meet baby Lilibet in the UK revealed.

The Queen's love of Corgi dogs will be honored ahead of her Platinum Jubilee 2022 in the most fitting way possible—a canine-themed treasure hunt. 

Her Majesty made history on 6 February, after becoming the first-ever British monarch to pass 70 years on the throne. 

The milestone will be recognized with an extended bank holiday weekend in June packed with fun-filled events—including a Platinum Jubilee concert, a Platinum Jubilee Pageant, and the Trooping the Color

Ahead of these highly-anticipated festivities, the Women's Institute (WI) has asked its members to knit a Corgi dog named 'WInnie' and hide their creation in their local community for others to stumble across. 

Finders of the wooly creatures, all of which will feature a tracking tag, will be free to keep or donate their new toy. The WI will also hide a special-edition Corgi, which will entitle its finder to two tickets to a special Big Jubilee Lunch in London on 5 June. 

Hannah Joyce, the mastermind behind the knitting pattern of the Corgi, explained that WInnie's design has been inspired by the importance of sustainability. 

“I want to encourage people to reuse and recycle: knit pink corgis, or red, white and blue corgis, and use up whatever yarn you have left over," she said. The pattern is also beginner-friendly to ensure that the exciting competition, cleverly called 'Where's WInnie', is accessible to as many people as possible. 

It's no secret that the Queen has had a lifelong fondness for the Welsh dog breed, having been gifted her first Corgi on her 18th birthday. Fast forward over seven decades, and Her Majesty's affection for the adorable hounds remains as strong as ever. 

Queen dogs

The Queen walking her dogs 

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The 95-year-old currently has two Corgis, one of whom is called Muick, as well as a Dorgi named Candy. It's understood that she also recently welcomed cocker spaniel Lissy, a gundog champion, into her canine family at Windsor Castle

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