Queen Camilla stuns in smart cobalt blue coat dress - 'it's her colour for sure'

Queen Camilla's cobalt blue coat dress was the perfect royal look as the King and Queen attended a very important global event

Queen Camilla's cobalt blue coat dress was the perfect royal look as the King and Queen attended a very important global event
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Queen Camilla's cobalt blue coat dress was the perfect royal ensemble as the royal couple visted Liverpool and attended two important royal engagements.

On Wednesday, the King and Queen stepped out in Liverpool to attend two royal engagements. For these engagements, the Queen wore a smart bright cobalt coat dress that perfectly complemented the Queen's bright blonde hair and the King's coordinated navy suit. 

Fans loved the Queen's outfit, and after a video of the King and Queen attending these engagements was posted online, fans were extremely complimentary of Her Majesty. "Love Camilla’s outfit," said one commenter. "So glad queen Camilla the queen consort is sticking with blue it's her colour for sure 😊," said another. 

Blue has become a go-to staple color in the Queen's wardrobe and she has been snapped in this color frequently since becoming the Queen consort. On April 9, 2023, the Queen wore an entirely blue ensemble and a knot brooch symbolizing unity is for the Easter service attended by the Royal Family.

Similarly, Camilla looked chic in a bold head-to-toe blue outfit as she arrived in Berlin with King Charles in late March. The royal has often opted for shades of blue throughout her life of service, and it appears to be a color that complements her skin tone perfectly and adds a sense of subtle glamour to her wardrobe.

Although the royals predominantly received a very warm reception from the Liverpudlians and organisers of the Eurovision that welcomed them to the area, the  King did receive some flack from protesters outside chanting 'not my King'.

The King also received some criticism for his minor mistake when pushing the Eurovision button to light up the arena. The King let Camilla go for the button first and then clumsily stabbed the button with his finger, slightly missing the button.

A post from the Royal Family revealed that the Royal couple visited the Liverpool arena ahead of Eurovision 2023 which is set to take place in just a few weeks. The King and Queen met with the hosts of the show, Scott Mills, Hannah Waddingham, Rylan Clark, and Julia Sanina. They also met with the UK entrant, Mae Muller, and wished her good luck. 

The UK is hosting on behalf of Ukraine, and as a second part of engagements in Liverpool, the King and Queen then visited Liverpool Central Library which twins with Ukraine’s first public Library, the Regional Scientific Library in Odesa. Their Majesties visited the library to hear about the two-week cultural festival that will run alongside Eurovision.

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