Camilla's knot brooch symbolizing unity is more important than ever for today's Easter service - find out why today’s date is so special…

Queen Camilla wore a symbolic $15K brooch as the royals came out in force as a showing of unity for Easter

The King and Queen Consort were supported by their family in a big way today
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It’s not a secret that the Royal Family send subtle messages with what they wear. And Queen Camilla’s unity brooch for today’s Easter service could be a showing that the family stands stronger than ever ahead of the Coronation. It’s particularly poignant that the family came together in force today as it’s the first Easter without Queen Elizabeth II, and today also happens to be the second anniversary of Prince Philip passing.

Co-ordination. Unity. Togetherness. That certainly appears to be the theme of the day for the Royal Family.

From Princess Catherine’s co-ordinated blue look with her family to the strong showing of the family – including Prince Andrew, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh, Princess Anne and more – the royals looked to be a strong, united front.

And this was perfectly captured in the jewelry choice of Queen Consort Camilla.

King Charles and Queen Camilla headed up a large showing of the royals this Easter

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Matching her husband and the Cambridge family in their shades of blue, Camilla sported the diamond knot brooch she is known to favor.

The significant brooch has been worn on several important occasions, including on her first ever appearance as Queen Consort after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year.

Luxury jewelry experts at Steven Stone have previously shared the following details about the brooch with woman&home.

“Studded with small diamonds, Camilla’s delicate knot brooch is a particularly poignant piece as it was the first brooch she wore as Queen Consort, the day after the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The diamond studded gem bursts with symbolism as it’s fashioned into a knot – a shape that’s been associated with love, commitment, unity and unbreakable bonds for thousands of years.

Featuring 2 carats of diamonds, I’d estimate the brooch to be worth approximately $15,000.”

The Royal Family marked Easter on a poignant date

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Zara Tindall and her family were on hand to support her uncle, the King

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The family were all on hand to support King Charles with his first service as monarch, and the date of today’s service was particularly poignant.

April 9 is the both the anniversary of Prince Philip passing and also Charles and Camilla’s wedding anniversary.

If that wasn’t enough, the Easter reading was being held at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, the final resting place of the late Queen.

A deeply emotional day for many different reasons, but the King and Queen Consort were clearly well supported.

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh with James, Earl of Wessex

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The royals who attended with happy, beaming faces included Princess Beatrice, Zara and Mike Tindall with their children, Peter Phillips, and Sophie and Edward’s son, the newly appointed Earl of Wessex.

Lady Louise Windsor appears to have missed the ceremony this year, while a pregnant Princess Eugenie turned up a bit later.

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