Princess Charlotte's favorite thing to do in Windsor is the same as the late Queen's and it's so wholesome

Princess Charlotte's favorite thing to do in Windsor has been revealed and in an adorable twist - it's the same thing the Queen loved

Princess Charlotte's favorite thing to do in Windsor has been revealed and in an adorable twist - it's the same thing the Queen loved
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Princess Charlotte's favorite thing to do in Windsor has been revealed, and in a sweet coincidence, it was one of the Queen's favorite things about living in the area too!

Until recently, Princess Charlotte spent most of her time in London, at her parents' apartment in Kensington Palace. She would occasionally spend time in the countryside at Amner Hall, but for the young royal, she was very much a city girl!

However, that has all recently changed as the Prince and Princess of Wales made the decision to relocate their family to Berkshire, specifically Adelaide Cottage, which is just a stone's throw from Windsor Castle. 

The Queen loved Windsor and spent much of her life at Windsor Castle, particularly during the pandemic. The Queen loved horses and her property at Windsor was home to many of her ponies and horses. It is reportedly this equestrian aspect of Windsor that Charlotte is loving so much as she has been able to spend more time with horses since moving out of the city and into the countryside. 

Queen's horses

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woman&home's guest columnist, Emily Andrews, explained, "Princess Charlotte has taken to Windsor life with gusto, particularly because she loves horse riding. With the castle’s stables on her doorstep." 

The columnist even revealed that the young Princess has even had lessons on some of the Queen's ponies. "She’s even had some lessons on the late Queen’s fell ponies. Riding was one of Queen Elizabeth’s most beloved pastimes, and at her great-grandmother’s funeral, Charlotte wore a horseshoe brooch in a tribute to her ‘Gan-Gan’," said Emily.

Princess Charlotte

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Before her death, Her Majesty showed her affection for the Princess as the Queen ensured things would be different for Princess Charlotte compared to fellow ‘spare’ Princess Anne. The Queen gave Royal Assent to the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 which amended tradition and meant that sisters would no longer have their position in the royal line of succession displaced once a younger brother was born. 

This only applies to royals born after October 28, 2011. This means that it doesn't apply to Princess Anne, whose position in the royal line of succession has continued to drop with the birth of more royal family members. 

This gesture from the Queen was a sign of the changing times, and modernization of sexist traditions that affected women in the Royal Family. The late Queen ensured that the girls in her family would not have to have their position in their family reduced by their gender, and therefore ensured a less sexist future for the young Princess Charlotte.

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