Princess Catherine 'relieved' that Meghan Markle won't be attending King Charles's Coronation

Princess Catherine apparently had a hand in 'preventing' Meghan from attending the Coronation, according to royal experts

Kate Middleton
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Princess Catherine was keen for Meghan Markle not to attend King Charles's Coronation on May 6, according to royal experts.

Meghan Markle won't be attending King Charles's Coronation next month alongside Prince Harry, a decision that royal insiders are claiming was heavily influenced by the Princess of Wales, following the troubled relationship between the two women.

Tom Bower, the royal biographer who wrote the anti-Sussex book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, told GB News, "We must all be grateful that Kate, in the end I think, prevented Meghan from coming, and said she ‘wouldn’t have her there under any circumstances.' And if she (Meghan) did come, she’d have to sit at the back."


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Royal expert Elloise Parker has also said she believes that Kate will be privately “relieved” she will not have to encounter Meghan during the event on May 6.

She said, "I think there's bound to be some relief from William and Kate that Meghan won't be attending the coronation, simply because less emphasis is going to be on them, who's looking where, who's lip reading, what's going on between them."

"There's such a fever of interest in these relationships and the truth is we're never going to see a Real Housewives moment between these women."

She added, "Everything is going to be kept firmly under wraps and I think for Kate, the fact that Meghan isn't attending, helps her keep it that way."

This comes after it was recently revealed how Kate was apparently "upset" with William for not sticking up for her after the release of Prince Harry's book, Spare.

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Prince Harry 'targeted' Prince William and Princess Kate in his memoir, and it has been said that Kate felt that William should have spoken out in defense of his wife, rather than following the royal rule of keeping quiet.

In the memoir, Harry alleged that Kate caused his wife, Meghan Markle, to cry during an argument before their wedding in 2018.

OK then reported how Spare “took a toll on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship” and “she’s grown increasingly upset that her husband hasn’t snapped back at his brother.”

A source said, “Kate felt William should stick up for her more. Yet William and the Palace thought that saying nothing was best.”

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