Princess Anne tries out a hint of dopamine dressing with bold multicolored dress that highlights her thrifty nature

Princess Anne tried out a hint of dopamine dressing while at a royal engagement in Wellington during her tour of New Zealand

Princess Anne tried out a hint of dopamine dressing while at a royal engagement in Wellington during her tour of New Zealand
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Princess Anne tried out a hint of dopamine dressing while on a royal engagement in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Princess Royal is currently on tour in New Zealand and on February 16, 2023, Her Royal Highness visited the Riding for the Disabled Association in Wellington and met with horse riders and their family members.

While attending this event the Princess wore a bright blue dress with bold colorful splotches decorating the silky material. This spotty style was a fabulous way for the Princess to subtly incorporate a little bit of dopamine dressing into her wardrobe.

Princess Anne

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Dopamine dresssing is one of the biggest fashion trends of 2022 and the fun look is still as popular as ever in 2023. The idea behind the trend is wearing bright colors and incorporating more color in general into your wardrobe.

There is even a bit of psychology behind the trend. Shaikila Forbes-Bell, fashion psychologist and author of the forthcoming book Big Dress Energy told woman&home, "Essentially, dopamine dressing is psychological grounding to the ‘look good, feel-good’ concept. When you wear something you associate with happiness, you embody that emotion and feel happy.”

It seems that Princess Anne or her stylist knew exactly how to incorporate this trend into the royal's wardrobe with a bright, multicolored dress, that wasn't too bold or bright to clash with the rest of the Royal's clothing. The Princess toned down her look by pairing her bold dress with a cream blazer and a matching cream raincoat.

Princess Anne

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This is a thrifty look from the Princess who has shown her savvy style by wearing this dress before. In March 2022, the Princess Royal paired this dress with an orange overcoat and a brown hat with a wide brim.

This dress is the perfect item for those who are trying to create a capsule wardrobe with certain versatile items that can be worn with different coats or blazers to create an entirely different look. 

This is also perfect for Princess Anne who has been known for her thrifty style and re-wearing items for multiple royal engagements and international tours.

Princess Anne

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More recently, the member of the Royal Family has been taking risks with her wardrobe as Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule with a style move that's way out of her usual comfort zone

Similarly, Anne switched up her accessories as Princess Anne moved away from trademark 'snazzy sunnies' with an updated style that has been favored by a number of A-listers over the years.

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