Princess Anne breaks her own fashion rule with a style move that's way out of her usual comfort zone

Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule as she appeared at an important function in Buckingham Palace on Wednesday evening

Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule as she appeared at an important function in Buckingham Palace on Wednesday evening
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Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule on Wednesday night as The Princess Royal opted for a new style that she rarely appears in. 

Last night, The King and The Queen Consort hosted a Reception to celebrate British East and South-East Asian communities at Buckingham Palace. While hosting the event, many members of the extended Royal family were also in attendance. This included, The Princess Royal, The Earl of Wessex, The Duke of Kent, The Duchess of Gloucester, and Princess Alexandra.

The Princess looked lovely in monochrome as she paired a polka dot black and white dress with a matching delicate scarf tied in a knot around the collar of the white blazer she wore on top of this patterned look. She paired the look with nude stockings and a pair of black court shoes with a matching black leather handbag. 

Princess Anne

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For this event Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule as she appeared in a polka dot dress. While this isn't a strictly enforced rule or even a fashion protocol within the family, Princess Anne is very rarely seen in this type of pattern.

Instead the Princess prefers floral patterns or other prints that are not so vibrant. Kate Middleton is known to wear a number of polka dot looks so it's very possible that the Princess took a style tip from her niece-in-law's wardrobe.

The thrifty Princess is also rarely seen in new items of clothing, so the decision to wear something new was an exciting change for the Princess. 

The Princess completed this look by wearing a gold and diamond brooch that she had owned for more than five decades. The gold brooch is a sentimental piece that the Princess has worn on many occasions throughout her life and to a number of high profile royal engagements. 

The piece is a delicate weaving of what appears to be golden ribbon that is decorated with small diamonds. The ribbon pattern takes on a circular style shape and it is the perfect versatile item for the Princess Royal to pair with any style of outfit at any type of royal function.

Princess Anne

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This isn't the first time that Princess Anne has worn this gold and diamond brooch. In 2022, Princess Anne wore a striking gold brooch from her teenage years as she attended a royal engagement while touring Uganda.

The ribbon-shaped badge was first worn by Princess Anne in public nearly exactly 54 years ago back in February 1969 when the Queen hosted Astronaut Frank Borman, the Commander of Apollo 8, at Buckingham Palace

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