Princess Anne moves away from trademark 'snazzy sunnies' with updated style that is favored by the A-list

Princess Anne moves away from her trademark 'snazzy sunnies' as the Princess Royal opts for a more modern style of shades

Princess Anne moves away from her trademark 'snazzy sunnies' as the Princess Royal opts for a modern style of shades
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Princess Anne has made a move away from her trademark 'snazzy sunnies' as the Princess Royal stepped out in some Ray-Ban style sunglasses.

The Princess Royal traveled to Wales and officially started the Doddie Aid bike ride in support of the Doddie Weir Cup. For this royal engagement, Princess Anne adorably twinned with Sir Timothy Laurence in funky blue and yellow tartan

For this event, Princess Anne also wore a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes on a cold but sunny winter day. The Princess opted for a new pair of Ray-Ban style shades that are loved by A-listers and trend-setters around the globe.

This style of sunglasses worn by the Princess was more popular in the 2010s and was most commonly popularised by the brand Ray-Ban. Other members of the Royal Family, including Kate Middleton, and Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Tindall, have been seen in similarly styled glasses over the years. 

While, the shades may not be as popular as they once were, and sunglasses trends of 2022 seem to lean towards oversized shapes, and 70's style frames, the Princess looked very fashion-forward in her glasses - and could even be bringing the trend back in full force for for 2023!


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Original Wayfarer Classic, was £184.00, now £134.00 | Ray-Ban

Original Wayfarer Classic, was £184.00, now £134.00 | Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Classics are the most recognizable style in the history of sunglasses. Since its initial design in 1952, Wayfarer Classics gained popularity among celebrities, musicians, artists, and those with an impeccable fashion sense.

Typically Princess Anne's 'snazzy' sunglasses are her usual go-to, but it appeared that the Princess wanted to switch up her typical style. 

Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, has been in the spotlight for many years and is constantly photographed. This means that the press has watched the Princess' style change throughout her life and has noted that while many things have changed, the Princess' sunglasses prove she's always had a love for funky accessories.

Princess Anne missed Christmas with the royals this year for this understandable reason

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More recently, Princess Anne broke her own fashion rule with a style move that was way out of her usual comfort zone. The Princess Royal decided to wear polka dots to a formal royal engagement at Buckingham Palace, which is a pattern that the Princess typically avoids when she is on duty. Similarly, Princess Anne wore a cozy trapper hat as she sat in a military tank for her 13th royal engagement of the year

These fashion choices from the unpredictable Princess showed that her royal highness is not afraid to mix up her style and whether she is attending dinner at the palace, or jumping into a tank, she will always be willing to rock a fun new look!

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