Princess Anne wears cozy trapper hat as she sits in military tank for 13th royal engagement of the year

Princess Anne wore a cozy trapper hat to a royal engagement in Estonia this week as she met with troops and hopped into a tank

Princess Anne wore a cozy trapper hat to a royal engagement in Estonia this week as she met with troops and hopped into a tank
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Princess Anne wore a cozy trapper hat with a fluffy fur lining while at a snowy military base in Tapa, Estonia.

Princess Anne met with the King's Royal Hussars, and troops from the Battlegroup in Tapa. While attending this snowy outdoor royal engagement, the Princess Royal wrapped up warmly in thick layers and accessorized her bundled-up look with a fur-lined fluffy trapper hat.

The Princess showed the hat's versatility as she wore it tied up in a full-fluff look, and without a tie, to press the fur-lining against her ears that would otherwise be chilly in the cold winter air in Estonia. 

While attending this event, the Princess showed her adventurous side as she climbed inside a NATO tank and sat in the driver's seat. While sitting inside the tank, the Princess was photographed wearing a radio headset, goggles, and a camouflage vest, completing her military-style look.

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In recent months, the Princess Royal's style has been scrutinized and royal fans have noticed that she is somewhat of a fashionista. The Princess Royal's 'snazzy' sunglasses haven't gone unnoticed and fans love how the sensible Princess prioritizes function over fashion and opts for whatever works best for her - as opposed to whatever is trendy.

Princess Anne

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In a similar fashion, fans also love how the Princess isn't afraid to wear patterns that she enjoys, or re-wear old items. Recently, Princess Anne rewore a stylish coat and silk scarf combo that featured an equestrian-themed design with horses, sheaves of wheat, and owls covering the silk and cashmere scarf. 

The Princess has long been a fan of equestrian sports and even participated in the Olympics in her youth. For this reason, fans loved to see that she was incorporating her passions into her clothing, regardless of the trendiness of the item. Fans also appreciated that the thrifty Princess was happy to re-wear clothes to royal engagements instead of participating in fast-fashion trends.

The Princess's fluffy hat at the military base highlighted her sensible approach to fashion and her preference for comfort over style, ultimately making her a fashion icon in her own right.

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Earlier in the week on Tuesday, the Princess Royal traveled to Tallinn for a formal meeting with President Alar Karis at the Kadriorg Palace. It is expected that the Princess will be back home fairly soon as she is expected to host a Centenary Reception at St. James's Palace for the British Cardiovascular Society, of which she is a Patron, on February 2, 2023.

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