Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla's new relationship—they're like 'old friends'

Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, but apparently, things are looking up for the royals

Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla's new relationship
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Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla's new relationship with each other has been revealed by a body language expert who reveals that the royals act as 'old friends.'

It was just announced that the Queen has given her blessing for Duchess Camilla to be Queen when Prince Charles is crowned. This title of 'Queen Consort' has been highly disputed by other members of the royal family including Princess Anne who once claimed, 'Camilla will never be a true Queen.'

Despite these negative incidents that suggest the royal sisters-in-law are far from friends, a body language expert has suggested that in fact, the Princess Royal and the Duchess of Cornwall are actually close friends who have become 'very tolerant of one another.'

Judi James, a body language expert, has analyzed their interactions at a variety of events over the years and suggested that there is a clear change in their relationship.

The expert told Express, "Given their past histories, with Anne having dated Camilla’s ex-husband, the relationship between Anne and Camilla might have been difficult."

Princess Anne

Camilla Parker-Bowles and Princess Anne 2002

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It was alleged, and discussed in The Crown season 3, that Princess Anne once dated Camilla's ex-husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles.

"History like that would normally create a sense of embarrassment or discomfort from someone in Anne’s position," said Judi. "But [in one photo] she looked as though she might be ignoring or cutting Camilla rather than avoiding her, suggesting she is taking a slow-thaw route to her sister-in-law."

"But now, the two women seem very tolerant of one another to the point of often looking like old friends."

Princess Anne

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Judi continued to explain that more recently, the body language between the two suggests that they are 'friends.'

"Camilla and Anne’s most frequent bouts of body language together suggest they have harvested all the many things they have in common to relax into the role of friends," said Judi. "In 2007, Camilla’s popularity with the public was rising and she was proving her worth as a member of the Firm via some tours abroad with Charles."

Judi concluded, "In one photo, sitting in the carriage with Anne, Camilla wears a reasonably relaxed-looking smile"

"It’s the pose of the two women laughing together in the line-up that really seems to signal not just a thawing of the frost between them but a growing sense of close friendship between two women who have so much in common."

Princess Anne

Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla in 2007

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Princess Anne is 71 and Camilla is 74, meaning that the two are close in age and have grown up in similar circles over the years.

Also, the eldest of the Queen's children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne have always had a close relationship. It is likely because of this closeness in age and relationships, that the sisters-in-law have been encouraged to become friends. 

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