Princess Anne claims 'Camilla will never be a true queen' as they quarrel about titles

A royal insider says Princess Anne is ‘riled’ as Prince Charles plans to renege on Camilla promises

Princess Anne
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Princess Anne has reportedly taken issue with Prince Charles' decision to call Camilla Queen rather than Princess when he ascends to the throne.

Reports suggest that Princess Anne and Duchess Camilla are currently at odds because of the Duchess’ potential change in title. Reportedly, Prince Charles has plans to make the Duchess the Queen consort when he becomes King, despite promising his family that she will be Princess Consort.

Typically when a Queen ascends to the throne, her husband will become Prince consort. This was shown when Queen Elizabeth was on the throne and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh was known as, Prince Philip.

But when a King ascends to the throne, his wife becomes the Queen consort as opposed to the Princess consort. But the royals claim that Queen consort is a royal title that Duchess Camilla will be denied.

Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Charles

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Back in March 2020, Clarence House released a statement that read, “The intention is for the Duchess to be known as Princess Consort when the Prince accedes to the throne. This was announced at the time of the marriage and there has been absolutely no change at all.”

However, some insiders think that Charles will renege on this promise and give his wife the Queen consort title.

Penny Juror a royal biographer told New Idea, “My feeling is that Charles would very much want Camilla to be known as Queen [Consort], which is, after all, the correct title for the wife of a king. So my guess is she will be Queen Camilla.”

Penny continued to say, “Rumors that Charles may walk back on his promise that Camilla would not be queen has riled Anne to no end, and she’s told both Charles and Camilla as much."

The source continued to say that she felt Anne would also have the support of other royal family members including Kate Middleton and Prince William.

She said, “Anne has made it plain that Camilla will never be a true queen in the eyes of the British subjects. Anne wields a lot of power and has a lot of respect in that family, so you will find that the Wessexes, and maybe even the Cambridges, will back her on this. Charles and Camilla will face a lot of pushback.”

Princess Anne

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In their youth, Camilla and Anne had a fractious relationship as they were both linked to the same man, Andrew Parker-Bowles. It is thought that the sister-in-law's relationship has healed over time—but could be in danger if Camilla becomes Queen.

Duchess Camilla is now 'dreading' Prince Charles taking the throne because of these fears about the backlash to her title.

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