Prince Philip’s hilarious response to ‘rude’ outburst from youths who failed to recognize him

Prince William discussed Prince Philip’s hilarious response to the remark during the Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers documentary…

Prince Philip's hilarious response revealed, seen here at the renaming ceremony for the clipper ship 'The City of Adelaide' on October 18, 2013
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Prince Philip’s hilarious response to a “rude” outburst from youths who failed to recognize him has become a precious family memory for Prince William.  

As the longest-serving British consort, Prince Philip’s death at Windsor Castle in April 2021 changed everything for the extended Royal Family, who continue to reflect upon him and his remarkable legacy at significant moments. Earlier this year, the eldest of his and the Queen’s children, Prince Charles, declared he was “dearly missed” in a speech during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Whilst the Queen’s heartfelt nod to him in a recent letter celebrated how his passion for conservation has been carried on by both Prince Charles and Prince William. 

Last year his and the Queen’s grandchildren and children shared sweet and inspiring anecdotes about the late Duke on the BBC’s Prince Philip documentary. Alongside revelations about the prank that meant Prince Philip got into “trouble” with the Queen and his love of painting, Prince William revealed Prince Philip’s hilarious response after a rather surprising outburst.

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Describing it as one of the “funnier stories,” Prince William, who’s second in the royal line of succession, discussed a past trip to Scotland where Prince Philip attempted to strike up a conversation with some Duke of Edinburgh Award participants. 

“One story I must tell, that’s one of the funnier stories about my grandfather, was when we were traveling together as a family, driving out in Scotland and we came across what very obviously were some Duke of Edinburgh award people with their rucksacks on,” Prince William explained.

He then went on to reveal that Prince Philip’s efforts to interact with the younger generation hadn’t gone quite as his grandfather might have hoped. 

The Duke of Cambridge continued, “And he spotted them as we were driving past them, he stopped and wound down his window. And he sort of said, you know, ‘Good Morning, how are you getting on?’”

It was then, Prince William revealed, “[T]he smallest young chap at the back turned round and effectively said, ‘Jog on, Grandpa’. At which point my grandfather wound the window back up, smiling, and drove off and turned to everyone in the car and went, ‘The youth of today!’”.

Prince Philip’s hilarious response certainly got Prince William’s seal of approval as he laughed joyfully at the memory, hinting that the actual outburst was far ruder.

“I obviously can’t say what they did say, but for the purposes of this film, I thought ‘jog on’ was a more appropriate way of saying it,” he said, before declaring, “My grandfather has a very good sense of humor.” 

Prince William in uniform as an officer cadet, chats with his grandfather Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

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Whatever the exact words were, Prince Philip’s sense of humor definitely came shining through in how well he took the young man’s remark. The Duke of Edinburgh Award was founded in 1956 and helps empower young people as they participate in life-changing programmes. Prince Philip was a Chairman of Trustees until his 80th birthday and remained involved as a Patron until his passing in 2021.  

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