Queen reveals Charles and William have ‘carried on’ Prince Philip’s passion in heartfelt letter

Her Majesty has made a sweet reference to the Duke of Edinburgh in a letter to the 650 bishops of the Lambeth Conference

Queen's heartfelt nod to ‘my late husband’ Prince Philip in climate crisis letter revealed
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The Queen has hailed Prince Charles and Prince William for continuing the environmental work of her late husband, Prince Philip, in a heartfelt letter to the Anglican clergy. 

The Queen made a heartfelt nod to her late husband Prince Philip in a letter shared with the Anglican clergy on Wednesday. 

Her Majesty's message was addressed to the 650 bishops at the 15th Lambeth Conference, an assembly that takes place once every ten years in the UK. The international gathering, which dates back to 1867, provides an opportunity for church leaders to discuss its institution's affairs and plan for its development over the course of the coming decade. 

The Lambeth Conference posted the Queen's letter on their official social media pages yesterday, much to the excitement of the 96-year-old monarch's adoring fans. Her Majesty welcomes the congregation in her opening paragraph, acknowledging that the 'conference is taking place at a time of great need for the love of God' as 'we all emerge from the pandemic'. 

The Queen went on to highlight the importance of tackling the climate crisis, especially its effects on the "poorest and those less able to adapt and adjust." 

She then said that she was "interested" to learn that Day Eight of the conference had focused on "environmental and sustainable development", adding that this critical issue was "a cause close to the heart" of the late Duke of Edinburgh. 

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Prince Philip, who died aged 99 in April 2021, was widely known for projects related to the climate emergency. He was also the patron of multiple environmental organizations, including WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and Fish Legal. 

Prince William

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The Queen concluded her reflections on her beloved husband with a nod to her son and grandson, both of whom have proudly "carried on" the work of the late duke. She ended the letter in the way she always does for official documents, signing her name as Elizabeth 'R' for 'Regina', the Latin word for Queen. 

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