Prince Charles whips out his £1million motor for stylish entrance to Commonwealth Games with Camilla

Prince Charles' car stole the show during the Royal's entrance to the Commonwealth Games as fans were shocked by the eco Aston Martin

Prince Charles' car
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Prince Charles' car was the scene stealer during the Commonwealth Games as the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall arrived in a hybrid car that runs on wine and cheese.

Prince Charles' car that he arrived in at the Commonwealth games shocked fans as they discovered that this eco-car actually ran on something a little bit more elegant than and cheese.

This weird fuel source was revealed by Clarence House on the Prince and Duchess' Instagram page. The caption of the post showing the Royals' arrival read, "Still getting better with age… 🚙 The Prince and The Duchess made their entrance to the Opening Ceremony of @BirminghamCG22 in His Royal Highness’s Aston Martin, which runs on a by-product of wine and cheese. 🍷🧀"

Fans loved this eco choice from the Prince and many took to social media to compliment Charles. "The car suits the couple, fabulous 👏🙌❤👑❤," said one fan.

"What a cool car - and couple 😎 arriving in style and having style…." said another. "
That was fabulous to see the Prince and the Duchess arrive in that lovely Aston Martin Volante!" said another.

Others made jokes about this unusual car, "Don't we all run on a by-product of wine and cheese 😂😂" said one commenter.

Prince Charles

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Prince Charles' convertible Aston Martin Volante has often been brought out for big royal occasions over the years and even featured in one of the most iconic royal events of the 21st century.

On Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day in 2011, the royal couple were seen leaving Buckingham Palace after their ceremony in Prince Charles' car. The Aston Martin was decorated with streamers in red, white, and blue and an 'L' learner plate was fixed at the front. 

The number plate was changed and read, 'JU5T WED' at the back of the car, and balloons were attached to the boot and floated behind the couple as they drove away to their reception.

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