Prince Charles spotted in Iceland as fans joke he’s ‘eyeing up a great £3 meal deal’

But it's not the first time Prince Charles has graced these particular Iceland aisles

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles visited the Supermarket chain Iceland as part of his royal tour around Wales and fans loved the down-to-earth venture.

  • The Duke of Cornwall is currently on tour in North Wales until Friday 9 July 2021 as part of Wales Week, a highlight of the year for the Prince of Wales. 
  • Prince Charles stopped by the popular supermarket to hear about Iceland's sustainability plans—but it's not the first time the Duke has visited this particular store. 
  • In other royal news, Meghan Markle is on a mission to clear her name after bullying claims.

Prince Charles began a royal tour of North Wales at the Iceland Supermarket in Deeside, Flintshire. This visit from the Prince of Wales marked the supermarket’s 50 year anniversary, as the brand spoke to Prince Charles about how they've handled panic buying during the coronavirus pandemic and their work towards becoming more environmentally friendly. 

Fans loved the everyday nature of Charles' visit and enjoyed seeing the Prince pace the aisles like a regular shopper. One fan joked on social media, “Charlie’s been to Iceland! It’s not all glitz and glamour.”

Another questioned, “Does Charlie even know what a supermarket is?? Gotta love him trying though.” And one joked, "Eyeing up a great £3 meal deal."

Prince Charles

(Image credit: CHRISTOPHER FURLONG / Contributor / Getty Images)

The Prince spoke about the visit on social media alongside images of him in the supermarket. The caption read, “Today The Prince of Wales began a series of engagements in Wales by visiting @IcelandFoods in Flintshire to mark the supermarket’s 50th anniversary."

“The Prince heard about Iceland’s sustainability goals, which include removing all plastic packaging from the Iceland own-label range by the end of 2023. In 2018, the supermarket removed all palm oil from their own label food."

“HRH was taken on a whistle-stop tour of the Iceland HQ, visiting the Development Kitchen, staff offices, and the cold store which was opened by The Prince of Wales 34 years ago!”

Prince Charles visited this very same branch of Iceland 34 years prior and the royal Twitter account for Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, shared a sweet post showing how much time had passed.

The post showed a photo of Prince Charles in 1987 and in 2021 at the same Iceland store riding a forklift. The caption of the image read, "34 years later, The Prince of Wales returns to Iceland HQ."

Prince Charles continued his tour of North Wales later that day visiting St Winefride’s Well, a Catholic Pilgrimage site that sees thousands of pilgrims visit there every year.

The Prince's visit to the site was also posted on social media through the Clarence House Instagram account. 

The post showed the Prince chatting to those involved with the site and a group of schoolchildren who showed the Prince of Wales their drawings of the Welsh flag. 

The post was captioned, "To end the day in North Wales, The Prince visited St Winefride’s Well—a Catholic Pilgrimage site that receives thousands of pilgrims each year."

"The water inside the crypt is believed to contain healing properties. The story goes that Winefride was the daughter of a local prince who, around the year 630, was chased and killed and in the place where her head fell, a spring of water came up."

"She was raised back to life by St. Beuno and became a nun. A white scar encircled her neck, witness to her martyrdom."

During the visit, The Prince touched the pool of water, met those involved and said hello to local schoolchildren.

These visits are part of Prince Charles' annual Wales Week, where he visits the country as part of his royal duties as the Prince of Wales.

Just before embarking on this trip, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall praised the 'wonderful' NHS staff and volunteers for Thank You Day

In light of Thank You Day, Prince Charles also took the opportunity to speak to the Hospital Broadcasting Association. During this broadcast, Prince Charles revealed the song that gives him an 'irresistible urge' to dance as he sat down for a recorded conversation that aired the day before his Welsh tour kicked off.

Wales Week will continue until Friday 9 July 2021 when the official tour will end. It is thought that the tour will continue to highlight the importance of sustainability.

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