Prince Charles reveals he's 'so touched' to be taking on creative role inspired by Duchess Camilla

Prince Charles revealed he is delighted to be taking on an exciting new creative role that is inspired by his wife the Duchess of Cornwall

Prince Charles revealed he's 'so touched' to be taking on creative role inspired by Duchess Camilla
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Prince Charles has just announced that he will be involved in a new project that appears to be inspired by Duchess Camilla's recent creative role.

Inspired by Camilla Parker Bowles' success with Country Life, the Prince of Wales just announced that he would be guest editing The Voice, a newspaper that promotes Black British voices and stories. 

Speaking about this upcoming editing role, Charles took to social media to say, "Over the last four decades, with all the enormous changes that they have witnessed, Britain’s only surviving black newspaper has become an institution and a crucial part of the fabric of our society. This is why I was so touched to be invited to edit this special edition."

The post revealed that this guest editing role will be in celebration of The Voice's 40th anniversary. It was also revealed that His Royal Highness’s edit will celebrate some of the achievements of the black community in the past four decades, and touch on themes of community cohesion, education, the commonwealth, faith, the climate, and the arts.

It was also revealed that the very special feature will also include contributions from Baroness Doreen Lawrence, Idris Elba, Baroness Floella Benjamin, Bernadine Evaristo, and Wanjira Mathai.

It is thought that this special edition of The Voice will include an interview with Idris Elba who will speak about how a grant from the Prince's Trust (Prince Charles's charity) helped to kickstart Idris's career when he was just a teenager.

It is also thought that Baroness Lawrence will be interviewed. Baroness Lawrence, is the mother of a murdered teenager, Stephen Lawrence, and has spent many years campaigning to improve social and economic mobility for the black community.

Fans were excited to hear that the Prince of Wales would be editing such an important newspaper and took to social media to congratulate him on this new project. 

"Great to see a celebration of recent black history. Love the themes. 👏," said one fan. "Excellent to see some of the multifold successes of our Black communities celebrated," added another. "Wonderful! You have always been so inclusive, glad you are receiving this honor!" said yet another commenter.

There has also been some backlash from this announcement given the Royal Family's recent involvement with claims of racism from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. There have also been concerns about what the Royal Family as an institution represents, a present reminder of British Colonialism. 

Speaking about this upcoming edition, the paper's editor, Lester Holloway, said, "Our readers may be surprised at the parallels between the issues which The Voice has campaigned on for four decades and the work the Prince of Wales has been involved in over the same period, often behind the scenes. In past decades these causes were once scorned and ridiculed, but today they are widely acknowledged."

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