The Queen is 'resting' more due to mobility issues at Balmoral

Her mobility issues could mean she misses another annual event

Queen Elizabeth II takes a salute from the balcony of Buckingham Palace during Trooping the Colour
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The Queen is 'resting' more this summer, after changes in her mobility, according to a new source.

Just days ago it was announced that, according to a royal insider, the Queen is likely to remain at Balmoral Castle for the appointment of the incoming Prime Minister.

Now, due to her health struggles, it's thought that the Queen is 'resting' more as she is less mobile. A source told the Daily Mail that the Queen's mobility has had ‘a change in the past few weeks’ - meaning she may not be able to attend one of her favorite events of the year - the Braemar Games. 

Boris Johnson

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Last October Her Majesty spent the night in King Edward VII's Hospital in London, where she underwent 'preliminary investigations', and was then forced to cancel multiple engagements due to an undisclosed health issue.

Her health seemed to be getting better this year, even though she was pictured with a walking stick - including at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

However, as she rests at Balmoral castle, during her summer break, it's been thought that many members of the royal family have visited her - including all her grandchildren. Son Prince Charles is said to be staying nearby, and visiting his mother every day too.

“The Queen’s condition is not what you would call ideal, but then Her Majesty is 96 after all,” the royal source also said.

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While the Queen's condition could mean that she won't be able to attend the Braemar Games. The games, which are held on the first weekend in September, are an annual tradition that the Queen never misses.

Last week the Queen's health struggles meant another royal duty had to be changed - it's understood that the winner of the Conservative leadership race either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, could be summoned to meet the Queen at Balmoral instead. If the relocation goes ahead, it will be the first time that a new Prime Minister will have been received in Scotland. 

"Obviously no one tells the Queen what to do and ultimately it is her decision, and as we saw when she made a third appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the Jubilee, she likes surprises," another source told the Sun last week. 

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