Duchess Meghan and Duchess Catherine receive impressive accolade – alongside the Queen

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  • The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are without doubt two of the most famous ladies in the world right now.

    So news that the pair have topped one of the most prestigious best-dressed lists should come as no surprise to their fans.

    Catherine and Meghan have found themselves included on fashion magazine Tatler’s best-dressed 2018 list, for their stylish exploits over the last few years.

    Although Meghan has only been showing off her royal looks since November last year, the publication revealed that they couldn’t not include the woman who has since become such a fashion icon since her May 19th wedding.

    They stated, “Prince Harry’s Californian bride blew us away with her Givenchy wedding dress and has redefined modern royal style with every subsequent appearance,”

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, was on the other hand praised for her famously frugal style – re-wearing many pieces over the years and regularly favouring high-street finds, alongside more expensive, designer items.

    But they weren’t the only members of the royal family to make the cut.

    The Queen, for her decades of inimitable style, topped the list. The magazine lauded the monarch for her signature “bright block colours”, calling her the “ultimate power dresser”.

    Prince George also joined his great-grandmother on the best-dressed rundown – despite being only five years old.

    Tatler stated how the heir to the throne perfectly “flies the flag for Christopher Robin chic” – perhaps pointing to his usual outfits of blue shorts, simple tops and t-shirts, and buckled-up shoes.

    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, was also included, for her amazing range of hats which have given “millinery a good name”, according to Tatler.

    Also included on Tatler’s best dressed list were Meghan’s close friend, Amal Clooney, Stella McCartney, fellow royal Lady Amelia Windsor, singer Harry Styles, and Jerry Hall.

    Meghan and Catherine undoubtedly have a huge influence on the fashion industry.

    And thanks to the famous ‘Kate-effect’, and now, the ‘Meghan-effect’, anything they wear usually sells out within minutes of them stepping out in it.

    Given her relatively new royal status, we reckon Meghan’s fashion-icon status is only set to rise.

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