Lip reading expert reveals the sweet and hilarious conversations had by the royals during their coronation balcony appearance

The royals really are just like us - even when they’re waving to thousands of adoring fans from the Palace balcony

The Royal Family
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A lip reading expert has revealed what the Royal Family were talking about as they waved to the world from the Buckingham Palace balcony during yesterday's coronation celebrations.

  • As the Royal Family appeared on Buckingham Palace's balcony to wave the hoards of fans lining the streets outside following King Charles III's Coronation ceremony, there were some sweet and hilarious conversations going on, a lip reading expert has revealed.
  • From King Charles worrying about how high up they were, to Kate Middleton marvelling at the sight in front of them all, here's exactly what the royals were talking about.
  • In other royal news, Harry's 'moments of sadness' at the coronation revealed.

Yesterday's coronation ceremony was full of immaculate royal fashion, hidden symbolism, and sweet moments.  Thanks to experts, like the body language expert who revealed Queen Camilla's ‘tense’ and ‘slightly stressed’ body language throughout the ceremony and incredible fashion moments like where you can buy Lady Louise's silk coronation dress, many of the intimate details of the day have now been revealed. 

While the shouts and cheers of the royal fans lining the streets outside of Buckingham Palace may have covered the conversations going on between the royals as they waved to the people, a lip-reading expert has now shared exactly what they were all talking about. Commissioned by The Express, the lip reader has offered insight into the family's private conversations, revealing some sweet and hilarious tidbits. 

King Charles and Camilla

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The expert revealed that King Charles appeared 'a little startled' as he walked out onto the balcony and worried that he would “give himself a fright” due to the height of the possible drop.

Analyzing the footage of the balcony appearance, the lip reader shared that, after the King emerges with Queen Camilla by his side, he appears to warn his wife to be “careful”. Charles reportedly said, “I mustn’t get too close… or I might give myself a fright... be careful.”

But Camilla, whose floral coronation outfit features so many special details you might not have noticed, did not seem scared of the height and was instead focused on the Pages of Honor surrounding her and her husband in the small space. She appeared to be giving the children orders, telling the young boys to “move forward” and “come nearer,” with both her words and hand gestures. 

But as the King  got over his fears and Camilla appeared to have maneuvered the Pages into the desired position, both got the chance to take in the huge crowds that had gathered outside of Buckingham Palace. Marveling at the spectacle as they waved in their Coronation crowns, King Charles appeared to say, “It’s wonderful, this is."

The Royal Family

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Then the family's attention turned to the flypast, which many feared would be canceled due to the bad weather, but Charles appeared to be distracted. Even on his special day, he appeared to be taking his role as head of the family very seriously and took time to check that all his family was there on the balcony to see the infamous red arrows fly over. He looked around as he asked, “Is everyone here? They’re coming in on the right.”

Satisfied that the whole family was lined up, he then turned his full attention to the famous flypast, with the lip-reading expert sharing that he exclaimed, “Look at them!”

Just like the King, Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, who looked exquisite in a gorgeous white coronation gown, also appeared to be worried that they were missing some family members on the balcony. The expert revealed that as she turned to Kate, Sophie said, “There’s a kid missing… Where’s George?” In response, Kate appeared to nod in the direction of her eldest son and laugh at how Sophie had missed him.

But as Charles, whose facial expressions showed amazement at the size of the crowd, seemed to be saying, “Thank you, thank you very much… Look at all these people,” another royal didn't seem quite so interested in the event. 

Everyone's favorite youngster, who had disappeared briefly during the Coronation ceremony for a very understandable reason, five-year-old Louis did not appear interested in the flypast and instead began drumming on the balcony and singing to himself, “da, da, da”.

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