Queen Camilla’s floral coronation outfit features so many special details you might not have noticed

Queen Camilla's coronation outfit is seriously symbolic though not everyone will have noticed the meaning in each of these details...

Queen Camilla's coronation outfit details revealed. Seen here she speaks during a reception
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Queen Camilla’s coronation outfit features plenty of special details full of meaning that many fans might not have noticed. 

  • Queen Camilla wowed at her and King Charles’ coronation in a floor-length white gown full of special details some might not have noticed.
  • Her Majesty’s coronation dress features floral embroidery and the diamond-encrusted Coronation Necklace.
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Even before we saw Queen Camilla’s coronation outfit at Westminster Abbey, the glimpses of it seen as she and King Charles traveled by carriage made it clear this was one seriously special outfit. Prior to her and King Charles’ coronation day, Queen Camilla’s coronation crown was confirmed and her floor-length white gown for the service couldn’t have been more magnificent to go with this historic tiara. 

It was also an incredibly symbolic choice for such an important occasion as despite the Royal Family wearing blue so often, Queen Camilla’s coronation outfit was a breath-taking pure white gown.

queen camilla at the coronation

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This is the exact same shade as the late Queen Elizabeth’s coronation dress and whilst Queen Camilla is being crowned a Queen Consort and not a Queen Regnant like her mother-in-law, this decision to wear white could be seen as a sweet nod to her. It was Queen Elizabeth who declared last year that it was her “sincere wish” that her daughter-in-law would be known as “Queen Consort” in the future. 

Just like Queen Elizabeth’s gown back in 1953, Queen Camilla’s Bruce Oldfield dress features beautiful floral embroidery. The late Queen’s design included flowers of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations and on each cuff and shoulder of Queen Camilla’s beautiful white dress are gold embellishments in the shape of roses, thistles, shamrocks and daffodils. These are the floral emblems of the countries of the United Kingdom and they weren’t the only flowers that appeared on the dress.

Queen Camilla arrives at the Coronation of her and King Charles III

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Queen Camilla’s coronation outfit was made all the more meaningful as it also has silver embroidered flowers including wildflowers like daisy chains, forget-me-nots, scarlet pimpernel and celandine. The decision to incorporate floral embroidery could be seen as not only another special link to tradition and to Queen Elizabeth, but to her and King Charles’ passions.

Her Majesty is also known for her love of being outdoors, as is King Charles who’s been a passionate advocate for conversation throughout his life. The Bruce Oldfield design is understood to have deliberately showcased these flowers as a nod to their love of the British countryside and nature. 

In a modern twist, Queen Camilla’s coronation outfit also features a layered split-front skirt design, adding an extra level of detail to this flowing gown. With shortened sleeves, according to The Telegraph, it was created from Peau de Soie silk fabric which was woven by Stephen Walters in Suffolk.

Queen Camilla arrives for her coronation at Westminster Abbey

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Some might’ve expected Queen Camilla to choose one of Queen Elizabeth’s necklaces in another deeply meaningful touch and whilst it wasn’t one of her mother-in-law’s personal pieces it was a magnificently historical accessory. Her necklace is reportedly the Coronation Necklace which was designed for Queen Victoria and has been worn by every Queen for every coronation since, including that of Queen Elizabeth. 

With so much care, hard work and attention put into designing and crafting Queen Camilla's coronation outfit it's perhaps no surprise that her look was not only beautiful but deeply symbolic and meaningful. 

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