Why the Royal Family wears blue more than other colors: expert weighs in on significance of the regal hue

Often, the Royal Family wears blue when appearing at royal engagements, but why is this color so popular with the Royal Family?

Royal Family wears blue
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Blue is a color that is commonly worn by members of the Royal Family who often opt to wear shades when appearing at royal engagements or important events. But why is this color so popular with royals? 

When attending royal events, members of the extended royal family are commonly photographed in shades of blue which seems to have become a go-to shade for many Royals. 

Most recently this was highlighted by Princess Beatrice's appearance at the Chelsea Flower show. The royal wore a blue and white floral printed dress, which has been a classic color combo for royals attending these types of summer events. Most commonly, Zara Tindall, another one of the Queen's grandchildren, and Kate Middleton have been seen in this style of blue floral clothing.

Royals in blue

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However, this fashion choice is more than simply style says a color psychologist. Karen Haller, Behavioural Color Psychologist and author of The Little Book of Color spoke to MyLondon about the royal family's clothing choices and specifically why Prince William, Duchess Catherine, and their children are often photographed wearing blue.

Karen said, "Wearing the same hue when the Cambridges are showing they are coming together as a family, representing themselves as a cohesive unit."

"When it comes to colour psychology darker blues communicates you are in a position of authority, trustworthy, reliable and can be depended on. You have a sense of duty and take that seriously with committed focus," said Karen.

This could indicate why this color is so popular with not just the Cambridge family but the royal family in general. During Easter Sunday, both the Cambridges and the Tindalls were seen wearing different shades of blue that tied them together as a family.

royals in blue

Royals at Easter Sunday Service in Windsor

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But this trend of members of the Royal Family wearing blue isn't something unique to younger royals. The Queen Mother was commonly pictured in light blue shades as was her youngest daughter, Princess Margaret. 

Similarly, Camilla Parker Bowles is often photographed in different shades of blue when undertaking a variety of royal engagements. 

Princess Margaret and Queen Mother

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However, the expert did say add that this color can be cool and encourage distance. "There is also an adverse side to blue and that is you can come across as aloof and distant so they don’t want to inadvertently create the feeling that they are unapproachable," concluded Karen.

So royals should be careful when wearing exclusively shades of blue as they may come across as aloof or detached.

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