Platinum Jubilee weather predicts 'warmest weekend' of the year

The Platinum Jubilee weather has been revealed by forecasters who claim that the jubilee weekend may see temperatures as high as 28C

Platinum jubilee weather
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Great news for the Queen as the Platinum Jubilee weather has been forecasted and experts predict there will be sunny skies up and down the UK as the 'warmest weekend' of the year is expected. 

Queen's Platinum Jubilee is scheduled to take place over a four day bank holiday at the beginning of June. This event is still a couple of weeks away but forecast predictions suggest that the platinum jubilee weather will be sunny and dry as people across the UK prepare to celebrate. 

Speaking to the Express, Jim Dale a senior meteorologist at British Weather Services revealed that the long weekend from Thursday, June 2, until Sunday, June 5, will be the "warmest weekend of the year."


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Speaking about the current weather predictions for the June weekend, Jim explained that the weekend will be sunny most of the time. "At the moment it's on course for being predominantly dry, nearly universally dry, predominantly sunny."

"So basically sunny, dry in the main universally and also very warm, increasingly so as you go through the course of the weekend," said Jim.

The meteorologist added that the warm weather isn't just predicted in the south, as people across the UK in Northern Ireland, Manchester, and North Wales, will be experiencing the heat. "And I don't just mean London that's going to be 27C - it might also be Edinburgh," said Jim.

Jim added that because the whole of the UK is expected to be warm, this could be the warmest weekend of the year so far. "So this could be the warmest weekend universally of the year to date. That's what it's looking like, with the caveat that we're still some distance away," he said.

Queen's jubilee

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It is fortunate that warm weather is expected as many of the Queen's jubilee celebrations are based on outdoor parties and events.  

The Platinum Jubilee concert is an outdoor event at Buckingham Palace which is expected to be attended by a variety of celebrities and performers. Similarly, a number of garden and street parties have been organised across the country and as fans plan to hang their Union flags and Jubilee decorations and celebrate the Queen's 70 year reign with their friends and neighbours. 

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