27 Jubilee decorations and decor ideas for the ultimate Platinum Jubilee party

We've trawled through all the Jubilee decorations and decor ideas on the internet so you don't have to, and selected the best of the best for the ultimate bank holiday party...

Jubilee decorations at a street party to celebrate the Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee
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Finding the perfect Jubilee decorations and unique decor ideas is sure to make your street party the best in show as we prepare to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style on Sunday 5th June. 

This monumental royal celebration is cause for stringing up the bunting, blowing up balloons and doing a spot of baking to host unforgettable parties throughout the long weekend. From garden parties to street parties, if you're looking for Jubilee decorations and ideas to ensure your party is suitably dressed, you've come to the right place. 

We've selected the best of the best jubilee decorations available, from Union Jack bunting and Queen-themed cake toppers to more unusual decor ideas like mini picnic bench grazing tables and London bus cake stands that will really make your Jubilee party one to remember...

The best Jubilee decorations and décor ideas for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

1. Hang out the Jubilee bunting

Jubilee decorations with bunting and paper tablecloths

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Hanging bunting is an easy, effective way to make any party feel suitably well-dressed. Whether a street party or a private garden party, hanging bunting is a charming way to create a canopy of flags to be admired by party-goers below.

Tableday Founder Margo Kane agrees, especially for creating an atmosphere for a street party: "First thing for any street party is the bunting. This is a time to be a bit patriotic so Union Jacks are certainly a safe bet, but other colourful bunting will also work well." 

"On the morning of the party, attach the bunting to telegraph poles or lampposts running across the street. If you don't have street-lights then put some bamboo poles in the ground and string the bunting from them, or just decorate your garden with them."

Top Tip: When hanging bunting along the street without ladders, from house to house, start by dropping a piece of string out of the top windows. Have a neighbour below tie the bunting to the string, then simply hoist the string up back through the window. Untie the bunting and attach it securely around the window handle. And repeat this step, from one side of the street to the other.

2. Create balloon arches

jubilee decorations balloon arch

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Balloon arches are the latest decorating trend for maximising impact of any decorating scheme, whatever the garden party theme or occasion, meaning no Queen's Jubilee street party will be complete in 2022 without a show-stopping balloon arch decoration. From balloon arches over doorways, creating a warm welcome, to arches stretching above the street, there's no limit for creativity when it comes to dressing parties with balloon arches. 

Balloon arch kits come complete with the lengths of twine needed to contract your inflated design. However you can create a DIY balloon arch by simply tying the ends of each balloon to a length of string, clustering them as you go along, to form an arch-like structure.

3. Fly the flag with Union Jack decorations

Jubilee party table with jubilee decorations and tableware

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It wouldn't be a Jubilee party without a Union Jack decoration or two. From flags in flower pots to Union Jack cloths to dress up trestle tables, there's a Union Jack decoration to add to every aspect of your decor.

We've got Union Jack bunting covered above, but it's not the only way to fly the flag for the 2022 celebrations. Look for adorned Jubilee decorations to dress the main staging table, where the food and drink will be displayed, because this plays a huge part in any Jubilee garden party decoration ideas

4. Dress drinks to serve in style

jubilee decorations dressing a garden bar for serving party refreshments

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Once you've stocked up on the latest prosecco and champagne deals ahead of the Jubilee, serve your refreshments in style with a little help from these dedicated Jubilee decorations for drinks, including paper straws and crown glass toppers. 

So whether you're sipping champagne from the finest flutes in the garden, or enjoying soft drinks from paper cups at the street party, there's a solution for all Jubilee party beverages. 

Of course there are also commemorative mugs to treasure forever. These are slightly more expensive than other Jubilee decoration ideas, but they're the perfect mug for serving cuppas on the day or also make a lovely thank you gift idea if you want to show your appreciation to your party host or your local Platinum Jubilee event organiser. 

5. Set the table with a theme

jubilee decorations along a trestle table filled with food for for a street party

(Image credit: Talking Tables)

Setting the table for the big event is the best part of the day, especially a Jubilee party where a 'theme' is a must. Throwing a Jubilee party to make such a historic event gives you the perfect excuse to go all out on the patriotic red, white and blue Jubilee decorations. 

To cater for a crowd, and to save on washing up, choose decorative paper plates, cups and napkins that can be recycled with ease after the event. If you're hosting a large number we suggest a Jubilee decoration bundle as a great way to save money.

6. Display beautifully decorated cakes

Cake and celebrations go hand in hand, so it feels only right to go all out when it comes to decorating and displaying baked delights. If a number of those in attendance bring along a delicious homemade cake (and of course there's always the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pudding to consider) you'll need ample space to display them in style.

After you've laid your decorative tablecloth, perhaps a Union Jack themed cloth as suggested above, you will need cake stands aplenty and cupcake toppers to show them off.

Top Tip: For added street party fun you could organise a bake sale, with a honesty box, to raise funds for a local charity to add an extra element of loveliness and local support to the occasion.

7. Try the art of 'tablescaping'

Jubilee decoration party ideas for grazing table

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Tablescaping, the new buzz word for any party planner, is the simple art of making the main table look like a curated masterpiece. From filling the table with artfully displayed food, or a grazing table if you will, to displaying food at different heights, the ethos of tablescaping is to make a style statement. This is a skill that if learnt can be used well beyond the bank holiday weekend, whether that's for lunch when entertaining friends or a casual dinner party. 

"The party table is the centerpiece to any street party so you will want it to be vibrant, eye-catching and full of fun" says Margo, founder of Tableday. With over 523K posts for #grazingtable and 71.2k for #tablescaping on Instagram you won't be short of inspiration when it comes to styling your Jubilee party centrepiece. 

8. Get creative with flower arrangements

Jubilee decorations tablecloth and flower arrangements to dress a garden party table

(Image credit: Dress For Dinner)

With any occasion, be it a garden party or wedding celebration, flowers are a sure way to welcome added finesse. Offering a decorative and fragrant touch to proceedings, flowers are never to be underestimate when it comes to decorating – even for Jubilee decorations and decor ideas. 

From flowers arrangements in country-style jugs, to statement centrepieces, tables are better dressed with the addition of flowers. Order from the best places to buy plants online, pick up from a local florist or use a trusted flower delivery service to take some of the hassle out of party prep. 

9. Decorate seating with Jubilee cushions

The one thing every outdoor party needs is plenty of seating, but it can often be the case of using mismatched chairs to cater for all. While that's practical, it might not always be the best solution for presentation. The easiest way to unify your party chairs, even if they are from different households and completely different styles, is by dressing them with cushions and throws to make them look styled. A simple addition of a Jubilee themed cushion distracts from the chair itself, giving guests a new focus and your outdoor living room (if you have one) a regal vibe. 

What are the Jubilee colours?

“Jubilee Decorations and street party tablescapes should be an explosion of red, white and blue and a celebration of all things quintessentially British” says Tableday Founder Margo Kane. “Double decker buses, phone boxes, post boxes, a rustic table-runner, bud vases with Union Jack flags, red, white and blue candles and flag napkins.”

“For a more formal dinner party, there should be elements of platinum, but you can easily work with any white metal, silver colour. " Purple is also a recognised regal colour, one which pairs beautifully with accents of silver and white – providing a great alternative colour palette if you don't want to go all out with Union Jacks."

How do you organise a street party for the Jubilee?

"Organising a street party for friends, family and neighbours is an easy and fun way to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. If it's just for residents and neighbours then you don't need insurance and risk assessments. (See government guidelines here)" advises Tableday Founder Margo Kane. 

"All councils need four weeks notice for street closures, so the deadline for that has passed, but you can have an Informal Street Meet, outside your house on a grass verge or front garden. If you live in a cul-de-sac some councils waive the need for a formal street closure. The key thing is ensuring that the residents are happy with the arrangement and that pedestrians can still use the pavement." 

Margo is keen to stress: "If you are planning a street party it's important to share jobs and organise all the neighbours as much as possible, and plan activities for all ages and tastes." 

Once you've decided to throw your street party you need to decorate with classic Jubilee decorations such as bunting, commemorative tableware and balloons. All of these key decorating elements are small details that can go a long way to make the party suitably dressed for the monumental occasion. Remember if your are hosting a street party everything has to be cleared from the road by 8p.m. 

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