Queen Camilla appeared ‘tense’ and ‘slightly stressed’ during King Charles’ coronation but remained ‘stoic’ for the cameras

A body language expert said the newly crowned Queen ‘relaxed more and more’ as the ceremony went on

Camilla Coronation
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Queen Camilla seemed ‘tense’ and ‘slightly stressed’ during yesterday's coronation ceremony but 'kept herself very composed' as the historic event took place, a body language expert has shared. 

What a celebration. Yesterday's coronation saw a whole host of royal fashion, hidden symbolism and sweet moments, from Camilla's stunning floral coronation outfit that featured so many special details to Prince Harry finally reuniting with his family, albeit briefly. 

But Camilla appeared to take it all in stride. Assisted by one of her closest confidants and lookalikes, her sister Annabel Elliot, the Queen only appeared "tense or slightly stressed" at rare moments during the beginning of the ceremony, before settling down into the role that, according to one body language expert, she already feels 'super confident' in. 

Queen Camilla

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Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, body language expert Darren Stanton revealed, "As it [the ceremony] went on we saw her relax more and more. Once it ended she looked, not entirely relieved, but there was a sense of calm."

"She appeared content that Charles has achieved his life’s goal. She kept herself very composed and didn’t reveal too much emotion, there weren't signs of huge elation on her face and she didn’t get emotional, which is a testament to her character and the strength and stoicness she possesses."

"It’s her traits like these which exemplify why Charles sees Camilla as his rock." 

Despite her relaxed air, there did appear to be an awkward struggle with Camilla's Coronation crown. When Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, went to coronate Queen Camilla by placing the crown onto her head, it appeared he had a little trouble. 

The Archbishop spent several seconds adjusting the heavy crown before Camilla tried repeatedly to tuck a few stray hairs away. She also reportedly whispered, according to reports in Grazia, 'Oh wow' in response to the reported 1.3lbs of weight she was now having to keep stable. 

Queen Camilla

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But the Queen took it all in her stride. Darren Stanton added, "She's had lots of years to finally grow accustomed to being in this position. The way she sits in the throne, it shows that she does feel super confident in that role - we see no signs of anxiety or frustration."

"The way she spreads her arms out on the side of the chair is an element of spreading out your own personal space - a gesture we make when we feel a great level of confidence."

"Her facial expressions again remained composed, with Camilla already showing this stoicness she has come to develop over the last few years."

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