Who are the Pages of Honor in King Charles' Coronation? From Camilla's grandchildren to Rose Hanbury's son

All you need to know about the Pages of Honor to King Charles and Queen Camilla - the eight boys who have iconic roles at the coronation

Who are the Pages of Honor to King Charles III and Queen Camilla? Seen here the King and Queen are on the Buckingham Palace balcony on coronation day
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King Charles and Queen Camilla both have four Pages of Honor at their coronation and all of the boys who are undertaking these prominent royals have strong links to the Royal Family. 

  • The King and Queen chose four Pages of Honor each to support them at their coronation and these eight boys stepped out alongside them today.
  • The Pages of Honor include Prince George, three of Queen Camilla’s grandchildren and other children with aristocratic parents. 
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Queen Camilla and King Charles’ coronation has finally arrived and throughout the service they have been assisted by their dedicated Pages of Honor. These eight boys were chosen by the King and Queen, with four there to specifically support each of them individually and appeared on the Buckingham Palace balcony after the service. But whilst plenty of the immediate and extended Royal Family members or European royals might be instantly recognizable some fans might not be aware of who all of the Pages of Honor are. 

Here we reveal how they’re connected to the royals, whether they’re royal relatives or children of friends, and who they are as they take on these iconic roles…

Prince George with his fellow pages of honor during the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla

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Who are the Pages of Honor?

Prince George of Wales

Prince George of Wales at the coronation

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Prince George is the eldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales and King Charles' eldest grandchild, as well as second in the royal line of succession. At nine years old he is also the youngest of the Pages of Honor and is perhaps the most high-profile as the future King. He has the responsibility of helping to carry his grandfather's ceremonial robes during the service alongside his fellow Pages.

Lord Oliver Cholmondeley

Lord Oliver Cholmondeley

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Lord Oliver Cholmondeley is 13 years old and is another one of the King's Pages of Honor. Oliver's father is David, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, and his mother is Rose, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, formerly known before her marriage as Rose Hanbury. Oliver's father was recently appointed Lord-in-Waiting to King Charles and his parents have had close links with the Royal Family for their entire lives.

Oliver is a twin, but his twin brother Alexander was not selected as a Page for the service. According to The Telegraph, it's possible that Oliver was selected instead because it is his brother who will receiving the honor of inheriting the Marquess Cholmondeley title from their father one day. 

"It is understood that Lord Cholmondeley was chosen for the coronation role in recognition of the fact that his twin is set to inherit their father's title," they claimed.

Master Nicholas Barclay

Nicholas Barclay at the coronation

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Master Nicholas Barclay is also 13 years old and the grandson of the Lord-Lieutenant of Wilshire, Mrs. Sarah Troughton. Sarah is a distant relative of the King through her maternal grandfather who was a brother of the late Queen Mother.

In 2022, Sarah was appointed as one of the "Queen's Companions" and is a close friend of Her Majesty. It is thought that Nicholas's mother is Rose Barclay (née Troughton), who is one of three children of Sarah and her husband, Peter.

Master Ralph Tollemache

Ralph Tollemache seen on the Buckingham Palace balcony

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Master Ralph Tollemache is 12 years old and the son of The Honorable Edward and Sophie Tollemache. Ralph's father is one of King Charles' godsons and is the heir apparent of the 5th Baron Tollemache, whilst his mother Sophie is the daughter of the broadcaster Iain Johnstone. The couple married in 2007 and King Charles was one of their wedding guests.

Master Gus and Master Louis Lopes

Laura Lopes, Queen Camilla's daughter

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Gus and Louis Lopes are the 13-year-old twin sons of Laura Lopes who is the youngest of Queen Camilla's children and they are understood to be very close with their grandmother who they reportedly call "GaGa". They have largely been kept out of the spotlight growing up by their parents Laura Lopes and her husband, Harry Lopes. The couple married in 2006 and also have a daughter, Eliza who is 15. Gus and Louis are the King's step-grandchildren and also step-cousins with Prince George, who is another Page of Honor. 

Master Freddy Parker Bowles

Queen Camilla talks to her grandson Freddy Parker Bowles

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Fredrick Parker Bowles is 12 years old and is another of Queen Camilla's grandchildren. Freddy's father is food writer and critic Tom Parker Bowles, the Queen's only son, and his mother is Sara Buys. He has an older sister named Lola who was born in 2007, though she didn't have an official role at their grandmother and King Charles' big day.

Master Arthur Elliot

Pages of Honour

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Master Arthur Elliot is 11 years old and is Her Majesty's great-nephew. He's the grandson of Queen Camilla's sister Annabel Elliot and is the son of Ben Elliot, a businessman and former co-Chairman of the Conservative Party. His mother is Mary-Clare Winwood, the daughter of musician Steve Winwood. The Elliots are close with Queen Camilla and both the King and Queen attended Ben and Mary-Clare's wedding in 2011.

What is a Page of Honor

A Page of Honor is primarily responsible for carrying the monarch's or consort's train  and Robes of State at ceremonial occasions such as coronations, the State Opening of Parliament and the annual Order of the Garter service. The role typically lasts between two to three years and there tend to be four at a time as the weight of the robes mean that multiple hands are needed. For King Charles and Queen Camilla's coronation there are four pages for the monarch and four for the Queen Consort, with all of Queen Camilla's being related to her.

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