Kate Middleton’s charity polo match outfit was ‘a real switch’ in look for the Princess and showed she can be more ‘relaxed and carefree,’ claims body language expert

Kate and William ‘let their hair down’ at at the polo earlier this week

Kate Middleton
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The stunning blue dress Kate Middleton wore for this week's polo match was ‘a real switch’ of look for the Princess that showed off her more ‘relaxed and carefree’ side, a body language expert has claimed.

Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared in high spirits at this week's charity polo match, with the couple putting on a 'passionate' display and proving that their relationship has ‘gone from strength to strength.’

Kate's gorgeous £550 midi dress also drew a lot of attention with it's sweet forget-me-not blue color and delicate puffed sleeves, but one expert believes that the dress, which they say was 'a real switch' in style for the Princess, had a hidden meaning. 

Speaking to The Express on behalf of Betfair Slots, body language expert Darren Stanton revealed, "This [dress] is a real switch for Kate. We have never seen her wear this type of dress before. It’s very light and summery, it’s a switch from her normal colors.

"This reflects that she’s feeling relaxed and carefree. We can see lots of positive smiles from her. She is genuinely happy to be out and about at the event."

Kate Middleton

(Image credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images)

And it appears the smiles were catching. While Kate cheered her husband on from the sidelines of the polo field, Prince William also seemed 'very happy to be there' and, according to the expert, 'was in his element.'

He said, "William was, of course, wearing his polo uniform, which was nice to see. He looked very happy to be there, he was in his element. It took him back to his youth. He had a massive beam across his face. It was great for Kate and William to have a day of fun with each other.

"They were able to be themselves and properly let their hair down. It’s nice to see her and William so relaxed with each other, despite being at a work engagement. They’re on duty but you can tell they’re a bit more calm and enjoying themselves. They’re in high spirits and interacting with each other on a good level and everyone else.

"They’re both very authentic with everyone they come across, wherever they are. They’re always true to themselves.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Despite being on the clock, the couple still found time to share some loved up interactions that brought smiles onto the faces of all royal fans watching on. 

Analyzing the PDA, Darren Stanton said, "The pair kissed each other's cheeks, with Kate giving William's arm a cheeky squeeze. The way they mirror each other perfectly shows how real their connection is.

"They couldn’t be any closer together. Kate’s hands are in the exact same position as William’s, and you can feel how happy they feel by looking at them together. Kate’s smile as William kissed her on the cheek was a complete passion from her side. He makes her light up. 

"The arm squeeze is also very telling of their relationship. You don’t let just anyone hug you or hold you like that. Hugs like that are from those who know you inside and out.

"It’s clear they are on the same level and have a deep connection with one another. Later on, Kate put both of her hands on her cheeks while letting out a huge smile, which was a really nice moment caught in time. It shows she has genuine joy and pride, she couldn’t be happier.”

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