Zesty—Wordle 313 stumps players with new challenge

The word 'zesty' was the answer to Wordle 313 and many players were frustrated by this tricky Wordle challenge that they failed to solve

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The Wordle challenge of the day has stumped a number of players as the word 'zesty' cropped up and ruined many people's streaks as they struggled to accurately guess this word.

Wordle has been known to throw some tricky challenges in the mix and words such as 'askew,' 'foray,' and 'foyer' have confused fans and ruined many players' streaks. 

Wordle 313 on April 28, 2022, was much like some of the other more difficult challenges and many were frustrated with the word 'zesty' which was a near-impossible challenge for players. Many players took to social media to complain about this most recent challenge.

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"Wordle 313 X/6 I just lost a fu**ing 81 days streak. I'm so fucking mad I might not play it anymore I swear what the actual f**k," said one fan who failed to solve the challenge.

"Wordle 313 X/6 They got me this time also you’re a jerk @nytimes," said another.

One fan said, "OMFG I broke my streak noooo Wordle 313 X/6" 

"Oh dear. First loss in a streak of 47. I wonder how many will actually get today’s word. Wordle 313 X/6," said another.

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Zesty meaning

While most fans struggled to solve this word challenge because they were surprised to see a word that began with the letter 'z,' other fans were unfamiliar with the word 'zesty.'

One fan put together a few clips that showed the word being used in popular TV shows, which helped some fans work out this word's meaning.  

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The word is commonly used to describe food and flavors that are associated with citrus fruits, particularly lemons and it can also be used to describe an activity or an interest that is fun.

The word 'zesty' is defined by the Oxford dictionary as being 'exciting, interesting and fun' or as something 'that tastes or smells sharp and fresh.'

For players who struggled to solve the word 'zesty' there are a number of ways to improve your Wordle skills.  There are many Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks that can help players to improve at this word game. 

There are also a number of Wordle alternatives such as HeardleQuordle, and Factle, which are just like Wordle but with a slight twist. 

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