Wordle 642 labeled 'ridiculous' as players struggle to solve today's super tricky puzzle

Wordle 642 has confused a number of players with an uncommon word, but what is the meaning and definition of today's tough challenge?

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Today's Wordle puzzle has infuriated a number of players who struggled to solve the particularly uncommon five-letter word on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

Wordle players have been totally stumped by yet another tricky five-letter word as the game makers at the New York Times challenged players to solve an unfamiliar word.

And this isn't the first time players have been thrown a curveball - as words such as; ruddy, coylyquart, and agape have caused a lot of frustration for fans in the past. However, today's challenge on March 23, has posed a particularly hard challenge for fans, with many complaining they didn't even know it was a word.

Warning! There are spoilers ahead! So if you don't want to know what the answer is, please click away!


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The answer for Wordle 642 on March 23, 2023 was the five-letter word, 'staid'. Players who struggled to solve this challenge took to social media to complain about the difficulty of the game and argued that it was "unfair."

One player commented, "This one’s gonna stump a lot of y’all," While another simply wrote, "Today’s #Wordle - what?"

A third user added, "Didn’t even know this was a word," while a further fan commented, "Today's wordle just REALLY didn't seem fair!" and plenty of others took to social media to label the word "ridiculous."

Staid meaning

Many players struggled with today's challenge because they were simply unfamiliar with the term. The word is not particularly common in everyday life, so what does the word staid mean?

The word staid is described by the Merriam Webster dictionary as an adjective that means "marked by settled sedateness and often prim self-restraint." Synonyms of the word staid include solemn, stern and sedate. An adverb of staid would be staidly, while the noun would be staidness.

An example of staid used in a sentence would be: "Everyone was surprised by the racy joke from the usually staid professor."

If you struggled to solve this Wordle challenge, don't worry, you are not alone! This was a particularly tough challenge that stumped a lot of players. However, if you want to improve at this game, there are a number of Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, that may help.

wordle trick

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If you fancy something a little different instead, there are a number of Wordle alternatives that are just like Wordle, but with a slightly different twist to keep things interesting!

Another Wordle challenge that recently confused players was Wordle 636, the answer to which was 'mealy.' One fan commented, "That's not a word." While another added, "I mean, what kind of word is that?"

A third user added, "Tricky one once again." Another player labeled it "a strange word indeed" while others branded it "ridiculous."

While meal is a very common word, many players struggled with this challenge because they were unfamiliar with the term mealy, an adjective that means 'soft, dry and friable.'

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