Quart - Wordle players infuriated by 'very American' word as streaks are lost

The word 'quart' has infuriated wordle players as many struggled to solve this challenge and ruined their winning streaks

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The word 'quart' has frustrated a number of Wordle players who struggled to solve the puzzle set by the New York Times on Monday, August 1, 2022.

The creators of Wordle have been known to challenge fans with tricky five-letter words that are unfamiliar or unpopular in everyday language. Words such as agape,  aphidtriteagape, and pinto, are all tricky wordle challenges that have caused fans to struggle and even lose their streaks. On Monday, August 1, the word 'quart' posed a similar challenge as players struggled to solve the challenge.

Although the word 'quart' may be a common word in the US, unfortunately, the word is not at all popular in the UK and British players took to social media to complain about this 'very American' word. 

Wordle starter words

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"Must always remember this is an American puzzle Wordle 408 4/6," said one Wordle player.

"Note to self If in doubt always go for the American word...... Wordle 408 5/6,' said another. One fan simply said, "Very American... Wordle 408 5/6*"

Other players struggled to solve this word because there were too many options and alternative five letter words that ended in 'art.' For example the words, start, heart, apart, and chart were all potential words that could have been the answer to this puzzle as they all end in the three letters 'ART'.

"This really is getting quite silly now… Wordle 408 X/6," said one player who struggled to solve the puzzle but worked out the last three letters. "Wordle 408 X/6 Couldn’t see this today.." said another.

Quart meaning

Many players struggled with this wordle challenge because while the word 'quart' is a common unit of measurement in the US, the word is less popular globally.

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word quart as, "a unit of measurement for liquids, equal to approximately 1.14 litres in the UK, or 0.95 litres in the US: A quart is so called because it is a quarter of a gallon." 

This tricky challenge highlights the differences in language caused by the use of the metric system in some countries and the imperial system that is still used in the US. 

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