Wordle 368 has fans all saying the same thing - 'UGH, this was awful!'

Wordle 368 has frustrated players as many struggled to work out the most recent challenge from the New York Times game makers

Wordle 368
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Wordle 369 was the latest challenge to stump players and many have taken to social media to complain about this 'awful' word choice from the creators of the game.

Even with the best wordle starter words, and the knowledge of all the best Wordle tricks, players of this online word game can still struggle. 

The creators of the game have previously thrown curveballs at players with words such as askew, foyer, and homer. Wordle 368, was much like these curveballs, and players were not impressed. Be warned, spoilers for Wordle 368 are ahead! 

Quordle is the new alternative to Wordle

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The answer for Wordle 368 was 'awful' and because of the word's unusual format, many players struggled to guess the second letter 'w' and struggled to solve the puzzle.

"Wordle 368 5/6* That was ridiculously hard for some reason!!! It took me so long stuck doing the fourth row at midnight that I fell asleep… How did you go, was it hard for you guys too?!" complained one player.

"Wow...it's not easy but I made it. Wordle 368 4/6" said another.

Others made sure to hint at the answer in their messages of complaint on social media. A few fans took to social media to say that this challenge was 'awful'.

"Wordle 368 5/6 UGH, this was awful! It was the weird ordering of letters that baffled me. I was like, "This ain't a word!" for 10 whole minutes. But when I finally got it, the word was so normal," said one player.

"#Wordle 368 3/6 Not too awful today," said one cheeky player.

"I had an awful time with this. Wordle 368 X/6," said one player who actually failed to solve the puzzle.

"Today's wordle was awful but I got it in four Wordle 368 4/6," said another.

If you struggled to solve this Wordle puzzle and you are keen to get better and start a new winning streak, there are a number of Wordle hacks that you can try to help you improve at this online game.

There are also a number of Wordle alternatives that are perfect if you want to try out something a little different. Factle, Moviedle, and Heardle, are the perfect options for fans who love the wordle format but want to test out their music or film knowledge. 

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