Homer—UK Wordle players are furious with American slang for Worldle 320

The word 'homer' has infuriated players who have lost their streaks as Worlde 320 challenges them with an unfamiliar term

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The word 'homer' is the most recent Wordle challenge that has infuriated fans and caused many to swear off the game. 

While Wordle is known to try and throw off players and has often thrown curveballs in such as 'zesty,'  'askew,' and 'foyer,' fans were particularly enraged by Wordle 320 as many players went so far as to say that this recent challenge was not even a real word!

One fan who failed to solve the puzzle, took to social media to announce, "Wordle 320 X/6 not a bloody word!" 

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"NO. but what the actual f**k. This isn't even a word it's a NAME," said another annoyed fan.

"Wordle 320 X/6 Are you bloody kidding me wordle?!? 112 streak lost. Most ridiculous ‘word’ yet," said another.

Others even accused the New York Times of skewing the game in favor of Americans. "Hey @nytimesthis is only a word in the #USA and even then it's slang. Don't do that. Not impressed. #Wordle 320 X/6," said one frustrated fan.

One British fan queried, "Are names allowed, or is this another silly Americanism? #Wordle 320 X/6." 

It seemed that some fans assumed 'homer' referred to the name Homer as in Homer Simpson from the beloved cartoon The Simpsons, or Homer as in the Greek author of the Iliad and the Odyssey. Others believed that the term 'homer' referred to American slang, but what does homer mean?

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Homer definition

The word 'homer' is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as an informal American word. The dictionary entry about this word defines the word homer as a home run. This is a "point scored in baseball when you hit the ball and have time to run all the way around the four corners of the playing field before it is returned." 


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In informal Scottish slang, the word 'homer' can also be defined as a job that a tradesman does for a private customer in the customer's home. This is typically a job that is done in addition to the main job without informing the employer or tax authorities.  

So if you didn't manage to solve this Wordle, you are not alone! It seems that even if you know all the Wordle hacks and Wordle tricks, there are still very tricky words that can appear and trip you up!

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