When does Scorpio season start? It always delivers magic—but will it be a trick or treat?

When does Scorpio season start? An astrologer says things might be tough for some signs—here's how to harness the positives

When does Scorpio Season start?—Yonne. Area of Saint Fargeau and Boutissaint. Lake of the Bumblebee. The constellation of the Scorpion appears in the twilight.
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You may be wondering when does Scorpio season start and who could blame you. As the lightness goes into darkness and we find ourselves at the precipice of winter—there's a lot to take into account.

Scorpio season kicks off only days after the full moon October 2021. It's also getting in gear while we're still shaking off the cobwebs of Mercury in retrograde, in the midst of the Mercury in retrograde shadow period.

Woman&home spoke to Francesca Oddie—an astrologer and mystic—whose quest is to present the subject simply so people can understand and use the craft in their daily lives.

Francesca tells us, "Scorpio season always delivers magic and this year is no exception but the question is will it be a trick or treat? "

What to expect in Scorpio season

As we enter Scorpio season—surprises, secrets revealed and a reconsideration of what is valuable—are all likely.

"The New Moon on November 4 is bang opposite Uranus and will surely rock the boat," says Francesca. "The key to navigating the unexpected turns of events as they emerge is to embrace the unknown!"

As the old saying goes, change is as good as a holiday. According to Francesca, now is the time to work on your mindset—so you can get out of old ruts.

She says, "When we stay stuck with our old idea of how things should be, we miss the opportunity to react accordingly. On a personal level, we can make massive changes, upgrade our thinking, beliefs, diet, and goals."

Francesca says to hold on tight because this Scorpio season is going to be one of the most dramatic periods of the year. "The way to thrive is to adapt," she tells woman&home.

Seemingly, this is the time to keep an eye on your financial situation. "Scorpio is the sign most associated with finance," she says. "And cryptocurrencies will continue to dominate the headlines as the USA remains at risk of heading into a recession." 

Which signs will be affected by scorpio season?

If you follow your weekly horoscope, it's likely that you're eager to find out how Scorpio season will affect your sign.

According to Francesca, "This will be a particularly dramatic time for those with any planet or point in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This is because both the New and Full Moon Lunar Eclipse across the Taurus Scorpio axis are exceptionally spicy!"

Harking back to financial concerns she adds, "The message of a lunar eclipse in Taurus is to ensure you have all the resources you need and curb superfluous spending." 

"The 'fixed signs' of the zodiac; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are those who have already experienced huge changes in 2021 and this is another shift into the future," she explains. 

However, even if you're not in a fixed sign, this intense energy will affect you. "For everyone who doesn’t have a dominance of fixed energy in their charts," Francesca explains, "these changes may manifest as external events but they will surely rock the boat."

What to do in scorpio season

Francesca kindly offered some ideas of how to harness the positives from Scorpio season and, more importantly, how to get through the harder times!

"I don’t see the next few months as being super brilliant," she says. "To harness the best parts of this energy is to dive into the deepest parts of yourself, this is a time for all the self-care (especially at the Lunar Eclipse on the 19th!)"

  • Go to a Day of the Dead celebration to remember and connect with your ancestors.
  • Set an extra seat at the table to remember those who have gone before you.
  • Have a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you love and talk about all your secrets.
  • Start psychotherapy.
  • Detox your mind body and spirit.
  • Assess your finances and tax.
  • Have a cosy and intimate night.
  • Engage in your sensual side.
  • Spend more time honing your intuition by journaling and focusing on what sits right with you as opposed to what you think you should do.
  • Join Francesca's free 3-day event of magic, detox and intention setting! 
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