We've found the cheapest way to watch all the best Disney Christmas movies this year!

This Black Friday Deal for Hulu and Disney Plus is hard to beat

The best Black Friday deal for Disney Plus and Hulu has been revealed
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If you're looking for the best Black Friday deal for Hulu and Disney Plus, you've come to the right place. 

With the festive season fast approaching, TV and film buffs everywhere are looking forward to cozy nights with electric blankets, yummy Christmas recipes, and of course, wholesome entertainment. 

After a summer of disturbing (albeit, addictive) true-crime shows, the winter months have brought a welcome influx of PG-rated content - with the return of Strictly Come Dancing 2022 and The Great British Bake-off 2022 being two of our favorite picks for light-hearted screentime. 

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With December just around the corner, we've also started making our way through the list of the best feel-good Christmas movies of 2022 (it's never too early!). As we expected, there's plenty of quality content to anticipate over the next month, with the likes of Hulu and Disney Plus offering up a boatload of new releases and old favorites. 

If that wasn't exciting enough, the popular streaming platforms are also treating customers to an unbeatable Black Friday deal. 

From now until the end of Cyber Monday, an annual Hulu subscription will cost just $1.99 a month. Its usual subscription price is $7.99, meaning you'll save a whopping $72 over the course of a year with this incredible deal.

What's more, Hulu and Disney Plus are also teaming up to offer a bundle for just $2.99 more a month. This means you could enjoy the unmissable entertainment of both streaming services for a monthly fee of just $4.98. 

With so many amazing Christmas movies 2022 on Disney Plus and Hulu right now, this deal is a no-brainer for us. 

Hulu for $1.99 a month

Hulu for $1.99 a month (75% off) 

One of the best bargains for streaming services we've found, Hulu's Black Friday Deal offers customers its incredible content for just $1.99 a month. With the normal cost of a Hulu subscription being $7.99 a month, 

Hulu and Disney Plus bundle for $5 a month 

Hulu and Disney Plus bundle for $5 a month 

If you want to enjoy both streaming services, this one's for you. Add Disney Plus to your Hulu subscription for $2.99 a month, bringing your grand total to just $5. Now that's what we call a deal. 

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