Who left The Great British Bake Off last night? As biscuit week caused chaos in the tent

Wondering who left The Great British Bake Off last night? We reveal all as the baking competition heats up...

Who left The Great British Bake Off
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The second episode of The Great British Bake Off 2022 delighted fans as 11 amateur bakers took to the tent to impress Paul and Prue during biscuit week.

The second week of GBBO began with a bang on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, as the Bake Off contestants of 2022 took to the tent ready to show off their baking prowess during biscuits week. 

Although the series has only just begun, fans were devastated when yet another baker was unfortunately asked to leave the tent after failing to impress judges. 

*warning - spoilers ahead*

Who left the Great British Bake Off?

During biscuit week, Maisam failed to impress the judges with her biscuit creations and was the second baker to leave the tent. 

In a note posted on Twitter, the amateur baker said, "Bake Off is simply life-changing, and one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It has taught me to become a risk taker, and representing my Libyan heritage in the tent is something I am really proud of."


(Image credit: Channel 4)
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Who won Star baker?

The winner of the Star Baker award for biscuit week was Maxy. The baker impressed judges with her signature challenge daisy macarons, despite the fact that she didn't even like macarons herself! The raspberry and salted caramel macarons even earned the baker a highly coveted handshake from Paul!

The baker then performed well in the technical challenge as she came fifth, and wowed in the final showstopper challenge with her stunning biscuit-based mask. 

James and Syabira were also considered for the star baker award, but it was Maxy's impressive performance across the challenges that cinched her the award. 


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What else happened in the second episode of The Great British Bake Off?

There was a slight mix-up as two bakers mixed up chocolate feathering and chocolate feathers. Syabira and Abdul very sadly misunderstood and made stunning feathers to sit on top of their technical challenge - 12 garibaldi biscuits (also known as squashed fly biscuits).

Fans were very forgiving of this easy mistake and many complimented the bakers on social media. "Those perfect little feathers might be the most well-executed misunderstanding in the history of this show. #gbbo," said one viewer.

"Syabira should come first immediately for making actual chocolate feathers. adorable and talented #GBBO," said another. Yet another viewer added, "I would love to laugh at the feathering misunderstanding, but those chocolate feathers were great #GBBO."

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The biscuit mask showstopper challenge resulted in some incredible results as the bakers went all out with this tricky challenge. Abdul, Syabira, Janusz, and Maxy wowed the judges with their biscuit showstoppers, but it wasn't plain sailing for all of the bakers.

Devastatingly, Carole's mask showstopper collapsed on her stand. The baker had finished early and was offering help to other people when this devastating accident took place. Fan's hearts broke for the kind-hearted baker. "I am literally in tears at Carole asking everyone if they want any help, all the while her showstopper has broken on the stand #GBBO #BakeOff," said one viewer on social media.

"Someone give compost carol a hug #gbbo," said another devastated fan.

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What is next weeks Bake Off theme?

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For the third episode of Bake Off, fans will be treated to bread week! The trailer has already been released by Channel 4 and it seems that there will be a lot of drama to look forward to in next week's episode... 

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