Jupiter Retrograde 2022: What the planet of good fortune turning backward means and how it impacts your star sign

Jupiter Retrograde 2022 sees the planet of expansion and good fortune turn backward and calls on us to take a step back to move forward

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Jupiter retrograde 2022 may come with negative connotations. After all, every time this expansive, jubilant planet starts to go backward in the sky, it sweeps us all into a period of stunted growth, and questionable luck.

Of all the astrological events in 2022, retrogrades and the Moon calendar 2022 are probably the ones you keep an eye on. Who could blame you, regarding the former, as the very word ‘retrograde’ strikes fear in the bravest of hearts. Mercury in retrograde 2022, for example, is famed for creating havoc in communication, since Mercury is the planet of communication. 

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is the planet of expansion. It governs broad personality traits including generosity, and whether you’re funny or lucky. It also rules concepts such as growth and abstract thought, and it influences life events like promotions or winning a court case. There’s something about Jupiter that makes it such a fun planet, it loves a big meal, a hearty laugh, and a trip to the casino, and even the challenges it sets us, are exciting to conquer.

During Jupiter retrograde 2022, we are called upon to halt our business growth or pause our studies, in order to take stock and assess where we are so that we can decide on our next steps. Any planning needs to be put on the back burner, especially anything to do with legal matters, justice, or where luck is required.


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The period when Jupiter goes retrograde won’t feel too unfamiliar, because it occurs every nine months or so, for about four months each time, therefore the feeling of our growth and expansion slowing down, and sometimes grinding to a halt altogether, shouldn’t be surprising, but rather cyclical.

Each planet in turn goes through the different signs of the zodiac in order when it is direct and not retrograde. Taurus follows Aries, and Capricorn follows Sagittarius. This is how the entire system works, the basic style of astrology.

When a planet is retrograde, it reverses its course, slowing down for a period, and then starting to go backward. Now, Sagittarius follows Capricorn, and for this period of Jupiter retrograde, Pisces will follow Aries.

Of course, a planet can’t actually go backward. The retrograde period is a time when a planet appears to be going backward in the sky. In astrology, our vantage point is from Earth, our home, and when a planet gives the appearance of going backward, it influences how it is perceived here on Earth.

Previously, between July 24, 2010, and November 19, 2010, Jupiter was retrograde in Aries and Pisces, just like in 2022. Think of your work, luck, possessions, and finances at that time, to have a good idea of how Jupiter retrograde 2022 would go for you.


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The day that Jupiter seems to be standing still in the sky, just before it flips its course and starts going retrograde, is July 28 2022. Jupiter is in fiery, youthful Aries on this day, so feelings would be fast and furious and changes would take place swiftly.

It is interesting to note that we will also experience the July New Moon 2022 in Leo on the same day, which speaks of fiery new beginnings and are important dates in Leo Season 2022. Jupiter retrograde 2022 certainly qualifies as a fiery new beginning!

In the pre-retrograde phase, called the shadow, from May 4, a certain amount of discord and confusion will have already started to impact your business dealings, conversations, and luck. Look back and think about how they made you feel and how you felt and reacted.

The period of Jupiter retrograde itself, From July 28 to November 23, will repeat the same instances and lessons between May 4 and July 28, and although they’ll be educational weeks and a little boring, you’ll be dealing with challenges you already know.

Jupiter goes direct on November 23, 2022. On the same day, we find the Sun, the November New Moon 2022, the planet Mercury which controls communication, and the planet Venus which rules our love life, all in Sagittarius. Sagittarius, in turn, is governed by Jupiter, so the planet’s shenanigans are not yet over.

The post-retrograde shadow will last until Valentine’s Day, 2023, giving us a chance for a do-over. If we were unsuccessful with the job application or the new fitness routine during the retrograde, let’s try again.


Jupiter retrograde 2022: Geyser on Europa, illustration. Europa is the smallest of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, and the second closest to the planet. Its surface is icy and relatively smooth. Impacting meteorites cause melting of the surface, allowing the water to smooth out before refreezing. There is some evidence of large-scale movements of the ice, possibly supported by a liquid mantle and driven by thermal processes within the moon. Ice geysers have been seen on this moon, as in this illustration - jets of water-rich material spewing 200 km into space.


Jupiter’s influence is often exciting. It’s a planet charged with rulership over growth, so anything to do with expansion, from growing your muscles at the gym to growing your bank balance, are Jupiterian endeavors.

The planet is associated with generosity and optimism. Luck and success. The retrograde can turn those concepts on their heads and find the dark side of the party.

When optimism is taken to an extreme, you can find yourself engaged in risky behavior, for example. Drinking to excess, trusting dangerous strangers, and jumping on a plane just with any old person. When growth is overdone, you could find yourself knee-deep inside a binge, shaking your fist up at Jupiter but unable to stop.

Generosity to a fault will become the bane of your life, if you want to help everyone but can’t seem to say no. So the months of Jupiter retrograde 2022 can either slow down your route to success, or upend it completely, and caution is certainly advised.

Aries, a youthful and fiery sign, is where the retrograde begins, from July 28 to October 28. Aries can’t bear to slow down, and you may find yourself pushing against the constraints, rather than trying to use the time to turn inwards and learn the lesson of patience. Not with impatient Aries in the room!

For the final four weeks of the Jupiter retrograde 2022, the planet moves into Pisces. Not only is Pisces calmer and more patient and accepting of life lessons than Aries, but in traditional astrology, Jupiter was the ruler of the sign of Pisces, and so when Jupiter is in Pisces, it feels at home, both in its popular form as a bringer of luck and also in its retrograde form of taking the party a few steps too far. It’s during those weeks that you’ll come to understand why those challenges have come to you, and who knows, maybe even learn from the experiences.


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Take a look at your astrology birth chart for your sun sign and your moon sign and read your horoscope via these signs to see how the Jupiter retrograde 2022 affects your luck and career. If you know your rising sign, read that as well.


The majority of this retrograde is in your sign, Aries, and for once you kind of wish all the attention were not on you. This big long visit with Jupiter, where you get to see its fun side and its excessive side, will leave you a little bit drained. It’s a good opportunity to take stock and dig deep, and ask yourself: do I need to party hard to truly be me, or can I take a sober evening and a pottery class and still live my truth?


You’re not a fan of changes, Taurus, so this is the time to practice self-acceptance. People will let you down, it’s their thing. They can’t stack up anyway, as your standards are too high, and at least this won’t be a surprise. As the Jupiter retrograde flows into full swing, and your gym guy lets you down, and your favorite podcast goes on hiatus, roll your eyes and say ‘people!’. But when you are angry with yourself for eating an extra three cookies, stop. You’re people too, and you’re allowed to be imperfect.


As an air sign, you think on your feet, Gemini. The way that this retrograde could cause business to shrink is fine, you were thinking of changing things anyway. Others may be fearful of the retrograde causing writer’s block, but you’re cool - you were thinking to put your novel aside and write some music. Pivoting between ideas is so natural to you, that you don’t even realize that this is the right solution to this problem.


There are so many unusual ways that this period can impact you, Cancer. Where some people will suffer from a lack of growth, you may actually benefit from gaining no weight despite eating home-baked goods every day. Where others could struggle with work demanding too much, you’ll invite your boss over to yours, for a nice chat and a coffee. This Jupiter business can’t quell your personable nature.


As a fire sign you’re right at home inside this inferno of astrology, Leo. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, a fire sign. It spends the majority of the retrograde period in Aries, another fire sign. Can you guess who feels comfy when all the fire is charging? The third fire sign, of course - you! So ride the crest of change, and enjoy the hot breeze on your face, as you switch between personal trainers, line managers, and possible partners, and blame it on the retrograde.


As a grounded earth sign, even your backup plan has a backup plan, Virgo. When you decide on a course of action and set sail towards a new career qualification or a degree, you know every last step between the start and the end. This Jupiter in retrograde may slow things down, it may mess things up, but it can’t stand in your way. If you can’t submit an assignment by email, you’ll drive down and hand it to your tutor on a Sunday night without even pausing to think.


Smack bang in the middle of this whole Jupiter retrograde, lies Libra season. Your own seesawing nature could not be more aligned with Jupiter going over the same part of the zodiac three times. Just like the retro, you tend to go back and forth as well. You think long and hard and decide to invest, then decide not to, then end up doing it after all, on a whim.


You love keeping your cards close to your chest, Scorpio, whereas Jupiter is more of an upfront planet. During this retrograde, old truths come to light. If you’re concerned that you’ll be found out, make a dramatic confession. Jupiter loves drama! And if you tell everyone first, then the news isn’t news anymore.


The slowing down of your career, your home life, and your fitness routine feels annoying, Sagittarius, but it’s time to take stock. As your ruling planet, Jupiter’s reversal of its recent past moves is affecting you a great deal, and you feel like you’re wading through treacle, everything is slow and challenging. Take your time to visualize how you want life to look when the retrograde is done because a big whammy of planetary cheerleaders waits for you on the Sagittarius New Moon in November.


Neat and organized, you stand back and reassess when the chips are down, Capricorn. Since you’re not one to rely on luck, you don’t particularly need lucky planet Jupiter on your side, and you breeze through the retrograde with barely a moment’s hesitancy. Where Jupiter has impulses, you have habits. Your good routine will win the day, and nothing really changes for you.


You live life on your own terms, Aquarius, but you’re happy to change when circumstances change, and this is your superpower. The Jupiter retrograde may change things for you. The course you signed up to do is suddenly full, the job application system closed before you got a chance to register, you don’t sweat it. You really wanted to grow and progress, but if progress is halted, you’re just fine. Go to the movies and there, in the dark, with your bucket of popcorn, contemplate the next move.


Secretly, you don’t mind this whole retrograde so much, Pisces and you want to go with the flow as a water sign. You have a special bond with the planet Jupiter, as it was your ruler in traditional astrology, and you understand the ins and outs of its direct moments, the laughter, luck, and growth, but you also fully accept its retrograde days, of slow progress and temptation.

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