How to watch A Million Little Things from anywhere in the world

The next season of A Million Little Things is coming, but how can you catch-up ahead of the season premiere?

"A Million Little Things" stars Romany Malco as Rome Howard, Christina Moses as Regina Howard, Stephanie Szostak as Delilah Dixon, James Roday as Gary Mendez, Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom, Grace Park as Katherine Saville, and David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville
(Image credit: Robert Trachtenberg/ABC via Getty Images)

A Million Little Things has been renewed for a fourth season and there’s never been a better time to catch-up on all the heartbreak, love and drama of seasons 1-3. 

Having recently confirmed the renewal, the show's creator and executive producer DJ Nash has now also announced that A Million Little Things season 4 will be a massive 20 episodes long. This looks set to make for an even more exciting instalment than ever and with fans still reeling from *that* season 3 ending, we can’t help hoping it will give us some much-needed answers. 

Ahead of the return of A Million Little things, however, there’s still plenty of time to binge-watch all your favorite moments from all the previous seasons. Here's where and how you can watch A Million Little Things online across the world...

*Warning: spoilers ahead!*

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How to watch A Million Little Things in the US

If you’re in the US, then catching up on all your favorite episodes of A Million Things ahead of the premiere of season 4 couldn’t be simpler. Anyone with a cable subscription will be able to watch new A Million Little Things episodes as soon as they air on ABC and US fans can also see the hit show via the ABC website. Currently only the recent third season is available to binge watch on the site, though it’s expected that this will soon change once season 4 lands. 

For anyone yet to take the plunge and subscribe to cable, then never fear, as A Million Little Things is also available on multiple streaming platforms. Hulu subscribers can currently enjoy all the emotional moments and shock twists that seasons 1-3 have to offer and it’s thought that new season 4 episodes will also become available on there in the not-too-distant future. A Hulu subscription starts from $5.99 a month and you can even get a free trial for one month before you sign-up to see if Hulu's right for you. 

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Seasons 1-3 of A Million Little Things are also available to buy on Amazon Prime Video. An annual Amazon Prime membership is £79, while a monthly Amazon Prime membership is £7.99 a month. Or, you can get a 30-day Amazon Prime free trial and binge-watch to your heart's content. 

If you're interested in catching up on more must-see shows while you wait for A Million Little Things season 4, you can also find out how to watch The Handmaid’s Tale here and how to watch Gossip Girl online here.

How to watch A Million Little Things from anywhere else in the world

Sadly for anyone hoping to check out A Million Little Things outside of the US, the hit show has not yet made its way overseas to another network or channel. Fans of the hit ABC drama who live outside of the US are therefore unable to watch the show via any of the US streaming platforms or via ABC itself. Instead, you’ll need a VPN subscription to check out A Million Little Things. 

This is a really handy bit of software that changes your IP address so that streaming services like Hulu think you’re in the US. 

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Is A Million Little Things on Netflix? 

A Million Little Things unfortunately isn’t available to watch on Netflix - sorry to all Netflix subscribers! However, the family drama is available to stream on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play and to watch on ABC, the ABC website or app for US viewers, and to watch via VPN elsewhere in the world. 

What is A Million Little Things about? 

Anyone looking to get stuck into the emotional rollercoaster that A Million Little Things takes us on every season will surely not be disappointed. The ABC show follows a close-knit group of friends from Boston, including Gary, Eddie, Katherine, Regina, Rome, Maggie, Delilah and Jonathan. They have been there for each other through thick and thin and whilst some have gone on to achieve success, others are struggling and all feel somewhat stuck. 

Characters from ABC's A Million Little Things

(Image credit: Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images)

The group are left devastated when Jonathan dies unexpectedly and this tragic event soon makes them re-evaluate the way they live their lives. And as they begin to change their ways, it becomes apparent that friendship might be the greatest gift of all, as their lives take them in directions they never would have expected.

Who is in the A Million Little Things cast for season 4?

Much of the original cast are expected to return for A Million Little Things season 4. This includes David Giuntoli, Romany Malco, Allison Miller, Christina Moses, and Grace Park confirmed to return. Other regular cast members expected to return include James Roday Rodriguez, Stéphanie Szostak, Tristan Byon, Lizzy Greene, and Floriana Lima. 

Will there be A Million Little Things season 4? 

To the delight of A Million Little Things fans, it was confirmed earlier this year that we would be seeing our favorite friends return for what promises to be a heart-stopping fourth season. In an interview with Deadline, the show’s creator and executive producer DJ Nash opened up about season 4. 

“We’re doing 20 episodes this year,” he said. “It’s the biggest season we’ve ever had.”

Typically, A Million Little Things has between 17-19 episodes and DJ expressed his opinion that this extra-long run for season 4 could indicate the show could go on for many years to come. 

He explained: “With us getting a 20-episode order, it doesn’t feel like that ABC wants this to be our last season.” 

hit & run In the aftermath of Eddies car accident, Katherine leans on their beloved group of friends for support.

(Image credit: Jack Rowand via Getty Images)

Given the place that A Million Little Things left us after the season 3 cliffhanger, 20 episodes might be just what we need to get some necessary answers. Back in season 2, viewers were shocked when Eddie was left fighting for his life after being hit by a car and in the season 3 finale, he received a surprise call from someone claiming to be the driver.

And that’s not all! Music teacher and predator Peter Benoit was attacked by Gary, leaving his life hanging in the balance for season 4. Motivated by a desire to protect girls like Sophie (Jonathan and Delilah's daughter), Gerry chose to take things into his own hands after the police told him and Sophie there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Discussing Eddie's phone call twist, DJ Nash told Deadline: “Just when he is accepting this is my life, and this is what I’m going to do, and I actually am going to find strength in who I am now, it’s upended by that call coming in, and what we will watch next season is everything about Eddie tested by this call, his sobriety, his ability to be the person he wants to be right now.”

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS - justice: part 1/justice: part 2 Sophie seeks justice for her trauma, and Maggie forces Gary to take a hard look at himself and his relationships.

(Image credit: Jack Rowand/ABC via Getty Images)

Whilst DJ believes Gary’s attack on Peter similarly comes at a time when Sophie has begun to accept what she went through, explaining: “She is more at peace with what has happened to her than at any point since it happened”.

“She is going from victim to survivor and retelling her story, but as that’s happening, obviously, Gary’s doing something over at Peter’s that’s going to challenge and threaten all that,” he added.

Regardless of which direction the show chooses to take these huge storylines, it seems A Million Little Things season 4 could be the most dramatic season yet.

When will A Million Little Things return?  

As of now, A Million Little Things season 4 has not been given an official release date, so it’s not yet clear when we will get to see the ABC drama return to our screens. However, DJ Nash has recently hinted that the season 4 premiere could be closer than we think as he gave a potential date. 

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Taking to Twitter, DJ responded to a curious fan’s question about A Million Little Things’ return, stating: "The plan is for September”.

Whether or not this initial plan will see us back binge-watching this autumn remains to be seen, though fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that A Million Little Things will return very soon!

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